Girls vs. Boys (29) - Reunion

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March 19th, 2010

“Hey, Jordan,” Dawson smiled at me once school ended that day. “I’ve just been wondering if you know how Austin is. I’m sure his number is different now that he’s out of the country, so I haven’t been able to keep in touch with him.”

I felt kind of bad for Dawson. Austin had broken up with Emily for her, but then he had broken up with Dawson because he was going to Europe. I didn’t even know how serious their relationship had been, since Austin kept me out of the loop with those kinds of things.

“He’s fine,” I assured her, even though the last time I had heard from him had been the month before. “He’s having a really nice time in Europe.”

Dawson nodded. “That’s good. I was worried that he wasn’t going to have a good time there.”

I found that kind of hard to believe. How could anyone possibly have a bad time in Europe? I mean… it was Europe. There was really nothing else I had to say about that.

“He asked how you’ve been,” I told her, and it really wasn’t a lie. The last time I had talked to him, Austin really did ask if Dawson was doing okay. “I told him that you were doing well and he said that he was glad.”

Dawson smiled sadly, and I bit the inside of my lip. I didn’t know what I was supposed to say now, since she wasn’t saying anything anymore either. This was starting to get awkward, and I could only hope that she wasn’t feeling the same way.

“Well if it isn’t Dawson Summers,” Aimee smiled sweetly when she suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and only an idiot would have been fooled by it. “You And your boy name. Aren’t you going to be late to badminton practice, captain?”

“I was just talking to Jordan, Aimee,” Dawson informed my best friend with a scowl on her face. “I don’t think that’s a crime.”

Aimee sneered at the brunette standing before us. “Well you thought wrong. Beat it, will you?”

“Aimee…” I tried, but she wasn’t even listening.

“Jordan’s my friend too, Aimee,” Dawson now snapped, and I covered my face with my hands because I knew there was nothing I could do to stop the fight that I was coming. “She doesn’t just belong to you.”

“Well she stopped being your friend the second she quit the badminton team,” Aimee spat right back at her.

“I didn’t quit,” I interjected, but neither of them were listening to me now. “The school year ended and I didn’t try out for the team again.”

“Oh, okay,” Aimee nodded, surprising me because I was sure she hadn’t been listening. “She stopped being friends with you the second Austin broke up with you.”

Even I knew that that was a low blow. It was obvious that Dawson still cared a lot about Austin, and Aimee didn’t even seem to care at all. I didn’t even know why the two of them didn’t even like each other!

“Just because he wouldn’t date you doesn’t mean that you have to be a bitch to me,” Dawson scowled, and my eyebrows furrowed at the thought of my brother dating another one of my friends.

“I did not want to date my best friend’s brother!”

“You want to date everybody!”

“I do not!”

“Oh, you’re right,” Dawson suddenly agreed. “You just want to sleep with everybody!”

I stared at the two of them, starting to think that I had no right being there anymore. With wide eyes and my mouth agape, I took a step back away from them just in case fists would suddenly start flying.

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