Chapter 8

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They were planning to catch the benefactor, I was sitting on the ground, listening to them, Kira said" Is three enough?" Stiles said" Depends on how many cameras they have. But I think so." Liam said" Are we really doing this?" Scott said" We're doing it. Tonight." Liam said" But isn't it kind of dangerous?" Stiles said" It's incredibly dangerous. And borderline idiotic." Liam said" Have you guys done something like this before?" Stiles said" Something dangerous?" I said" Or something idiotic?" Kira said" I think it's a yes to both." Scott said" You don't have to be apart of it if you don't want to." Liam said" I'm not scared." Stiles said" Then you're borderline idiotic. If we do this, we don't know what's coming for us. You know that, right?" Kira said" How do we even know something's definitely coming?" Scott said" Because the tape in Garrett's bag said visual confirmation required." Stiles said" Simon said the same thing. He couldn't get paid by the benefactor until he had proof that you guys were dead." Scott said" So the idea is, what if you kill someone on the dead pool, but you can't send the proof?" Kira said" You don't get paid." Liam said" But how does that get us any closer to the The Benefactor?" Scott said" He still needs to know if the target is really dead." Stiles said" Especially if it's someone high on the list." Liam said" So, if he wants visual confirmation..." Scott said" He's going to have to come get it himself."

I mumbled" I don't like your plans." Scott crouched down in front of me, saying" Why not?" I mumbled" 'cause they're dumb like Stiles'." Scott said" I'll be fine, it'll be like I'm asleep." I mumbled" but isn't Stiles making me call?" Scott said" that was not my plan, that was his, so if you call for me, you can have free punching range on Stiles." I heard Stiles say" Really, Scott?" Scott smiled at me, I mumbled" fine." He ruffled my hair and kissed my head, He stood up and opened the door, Stiles said" so now I'm just a free punching range for a little werewolf." I nodded, Stiles said" fine."
Once Kira did a thingy to make Scott's heart slow to almost nothing, while I had my ears covered and head cowered into Liam's stomach. Kira said" Maya, pup, give us a five minute head start, okay? Then you call 911, don't put too many details in this, okay? Then you meet us in the room we have saved for the laptops." I nodded, they all left, I looked at Scott, I whimpered. After I heard the car pull away, I started counting down from 5 minutes.
I called 911, I said" My Brother isn't moving! He's not breathing!" The woman said" what's your name, sweetie? Where do you live?" I said" Maya McCall, I don't know!" She said" we're tracking your call, just go to the front door and wait." I walked to the front door and after a few minutes, they ran in and up to Scott, a woman said" come on, sweetie, we can't leave you here alone." I wonder how Melissa is gonna do? She knows about the plan.

Once we got to the hospital, Scott was rushed away and I sat in a chair. I listened in, I could hear the machine thingy flat lining, then the doctor called it. Then I heard Melissa crying, I whimpered, then after minutes of waiting, Stiles ran by, he back tracked, he said" change of plans, change of plans now." He lifted me up and we ran out.
We met with Argent, in his weird cage thingy, Stiles said" That's your assassin speak?" Argent said" I said he was dead. What more do you want?" Stiles said" It was a little dry. You could've said something like, Target has been neutralized. The crow flies at midnight. That's always cool." Argent hmm'd, then the computer beeped again, they both looked at the computer. I tried to look but Stiles kept covering my eyes, Argent said" Type this, Visual confirmation isn't possible. Police coming to claim body in 40 minutes. Tell him number one of the list is dead. I killed him. And if the wire transfer isn't completed in 40 minutes..." then he took the computer away from Stiles and typed.

We went back to the hospital and set up the computers, Liam and Kira were waiting. Argent called, he said" Try it now." Then it worked, I looked at Stiles, he rubbed my head.
After a while, Liam said" Is that suppose to look like that?" I peeked through and saw the roof camera messing up. Stiles said" No, no, it's not." Kira said" Where is that?" Stiles said" The roof. Someone's gonna have to check it out." Kira said" I'll go." Stiles said" Whoa, whoa. This might not just be a malfunction." Kira said" That's why I'm bringing this." She pulled out her sword, Liam said" I'm coming with you." I went to follow Liam but Stiles grabbed the back of my shirt, stopping me. Stiles said" Okay. And you're both coming right back. Immediately. Kids." I said" Why can't I go?" He said" because when Scott wakes up and finds out I let the pup go to something probably dangerous, you'll have a dead Stiles. So..." he lifted me up and sat me on the other side of the bed," sit and wait." I huffed but stayed, Stiles said" see, not so hard."
The power went out, We walked out into the hallway, as Argent passed by, then he pointed a gun at Stiles. Stiles said" The power's out in the whole building. I lost all the cameras." Argent said" Stay with Scott. Text me if you see or hear anything." Then he looked at the time, we ran to the morgue where Scott was.
Stiles was trying to get Argent on the phone which wasn't working. I tilted my head as I heard something, I growled and stood in front of Stiles, Argent was thrown into the room, he said" Stiles, run. Stiles, get out of here." Then Kate came in, Stiles pulled me back, I growled at Kate, Argent stood next to us. Kate said" Get out of the way, Stiles. I'm taking the body." Stiles said" Why? Visual confirmation?" She said" Don't worry, Handsome. I'm not the Benefactor." Argent said" Then what do you want with the body?" She started walking closer, She said" I wish I could tell you." Argent moved and had her at gun point, She said" I always forget you carry two." Argent said" Back off!" She said" You sure you can pull the trigger fast enough?" Argent said" I don't want to." She said" You're not going to kill me." Argent said" I'm not going to let you take his body." Stiles said" Okay, well, obviously, you guys have a lot to talk about, so, maybe... I saw some coffee, a vending machine outside." I looked up at him, he looked at me, Argent said" Listen to me, Kate. We have a plan." She said" And if killing Scott was part of it, you're worse than me." Stiles said" He's telling the truth. We're trying to get to the benefactor." Argent said" If you didn't notice, you're on that list too. And you're worth more than most." She said" That's why I'm here." Argent said" Then back off and let us do what we planned. Take the Berserkers, and go. Kate, please. We have a plan."

Stiles lifted me up, holding me on his hip as Kira ran in and woke up Scott, he woke up screaming. Then he and Kira kissed, He said" What happened? Did it work?" He looked at Stiles and Argent, then Liam walked in, Kira said" What?" Liam said" It's your mother. She's hurt."

Scott carried me into my room, with Kira behind him, I gripped his shoulders as he tried to put me down. He whispered" I'll let you have ice cream for breakfast." I whined, Kira said" She's nearly asleep, just let her lay there with us." I mumbled" I like Kira. She has good plans." Scott said" you like Kira because she's getting you out of sleeping in your bed." He carried me into his room and laid me down, I fell asleep instantly.

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