Chapter 7

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Scott woke me up, he whispered" I'm going to take the test, I'll be back later, and I'll repay you for leaving you here on a Saturday." I whined, He said" it's only 3 hours." I said" But that's a long time and a lot can happen in three hours." He said" you're sounding a lot like Stiles, right now, I'll be back later." He kissed my head and walked out, I sighed then sat up and got dressed. I walked downstairs and grabbed an apple, I heard Scott leave then I walked outside, I put the apple in my bag and started running to the station.

Once I got there, I walked in, The front person said" yes?" I said" I'm here to see Sheriff." She looked down at me, she said" go on back." I smiled and ran back and into the sheriff's office, I sat down in his chair, he came in, saying" everyone's at the tests, and you decide to come here?" I said" very much." He chuckled and picked me up and sat down, sitting me on his lap, I started scribbling on paper, while he did work.
We had to go to the school, my eyes glowed, he said" what's wrong, Maya?" He glanced back at me before driving again, I said" Alpha!" He said" What's wrong with Scott?" I said" I don't know." He said" Can you see if anything is wrong with any of your pack?" I said" something is wrong." We pulled up to the school, I jumped out, but was stopped by Sheriff, he said" you can't go in there, Maya." I mumbled" need see Scott." He said" I know but they won't let you in, let me go see what's going on, stay right here." He put me down and I stood still waiting for him to return. He walked back over to me, he said" they're hoping it's a false alarm, but they're not sure. Can you get in without being seen?" My eyes flared again, he said" go." I ran fast, I got ontop of the school and went in through the air vents and got through, I followed Scott's scent and broke through in the locker room. I landed on the ground and saw Scott looking in the mirror. I whimpered, he looked at me, my eyes flared again and stayed blue. I walked to Scott and held onto him, then there was knocking, I growled, Scott covered my mouth. We moved, Scott leaned against the lockers, then I heard the door open and someone coming towards. I growled and went to attack but saw Kira's dad. I walked back to Scott, Scott said" Get Stiles."

Everyone's in the locker room, I don't feel good, Kira's dad said" It's still happening." Malia said" I can't make them go back." I was chewing on Stiles' jacket, Kira's dad said" Obviously the virus is affecting the three of you in a way it won't hit any human being." Stiles said" You guys have to stay out of sight. We have to quarantine you from the quarantine." Kira said" Yeah, but where? I mean, what if they get violent? Like on a full moon." Scott said" We shouldn't stay in here. Not in the locker room." Malia said" A classroom is not going to hold us." Kira said" What about the basement?" Scott said" Too many ways out. We need something secure. Somewhere nobody can find us." Stiles said" The vault. The Hale Vault." Scott said" The Hales always have an esape route. Like their house. There has to be another way in." Stiles moved suddenly which caused me to growl and whine, trying to get his hoodie. Scott stopped me and held my hand, my teeth started to hurt, I whimpered, Scott looked at me and gave me the end of his shirt, I started gnawing on that, soothing the pain. We went into Coach's office, they got out a map of the school. Stiles said" This is where the school sign is, so the vault's got to be right about here." Kira's dad said" I suppose if there's a second entrance, it would probably be accessible from the basement." Stiles said" It's probably somewhere in this hallway. West corridor." Then he fell but caught himself, he said" Whoa." Kira's dad said" It's happening to you too. You're getting sick. You all are." Kira said" I don't feel sick." He said" I think it's affecting you differently, neurologically. I found your test answers here in a pile with the others." I closed my eyes, feeling dizzy, Scott moved, which caused me to nearly fall but he caught me. I started crying, he said" no, no, no, shhh, shhh, it's okay, it's okay." He lifted me up into his arms and I dug my face into his neck, gnawing on the collar of his shirt.

I heard Stiles say" Hey, guys... Over here." Scott held me with one arm, and moved something, I peeked out and saw the Triskelion on the wall. Stiles said" Look at the cracks in the wall. It's like the entrance outside, it only opens with claws. Anyone's claws, right?" I felt Scott shake his head, then nod, Scott said" um... Malia, can you try?" Malia said" Why me?" Scott said" I don't have control." Malia said" Okay. I'll do it. But first tell me what you've been hiding from me. I know you think you're trying to protect me, but I can handle it. I know I'm on the list." Stiles said" Yes..." Malia said" So how much?" Stiles said" How much what?" Malia said" How much am I worth?" Scott said" 4 million." Stiles said" Are you okay?" Malia said" Yeah. Scott's worth 25, Maya, 11, and Kira, six. They'll take you guys out way before me." Stiles said" It's progress. It's progress." Malia opened the door, then we walked in, the door closed behind us. Scott sat down, I got up and started running, jumping off the walls every time I would get to it. My mind fuzzy, I crashed into a wall, I cried out, I heard someone walk to me and then someone lifted me up. I growled, Stiles said" ahh, okay, let's get you to Scott." He carried me to Alpha and I cuddled up to him, shaking, Kira said" Scott..." I saw them look at me then Scott wiped my mouth, I whimpered, I heard the door open then close. I started getting sleepy, Scott moved again, then he stood up, He said" Malia. Malia?" Malia said" I can't see. I can't see anything." I looked up and couldn't see, I growled, I heard Malia say" what's happening to us?" Then Kira say" Scott? I can't... I can't see." I started getting sleepy, I heard Scott say" Maya, Maya?!" My eyes closed, then everything was dark.

3rd person's POV
Scott inhaled the Reishi, that was shattered on the ground, then got back to the door, opening it. He looked at Stiles, Stiles patted his shoulder, then they both stood. Stiles, walking to Malia while Scott helped Kira stand, Malia walked out without a word. Scott noticed that his pup wasn't connected to his hip and he looked around, then noticed the pup on the ground, Scott said" Maya?" He listened for a heart beat, there was one but it was faint. Scott stared at the pup, hoping she'd wake up and be okay. After a few minutes, Maya coughed, Scott's heartbeat seemed to lower, He walked to her and pulled her up and held her in his arms, comforting the now crying pup. Hoping she'd settle down so they could leave the vault.

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