Chapter 4

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Scott got Liam and kidnapped him, well Scott doesn't call it that, but I think that would be Stiles' definition for it.
Scott sat me on the couch while he went to the door, Stiles came in, he said" Like I said, I told my dad everything I could." Scott said" But you didn't tell him about Liam?" Stiles said" You barely told me about Liam. What did you do with him anyway?" Scott said" He's upstairs." Stiles said" Doing what?" Scott said" Lying down." I ran to them, I said" I thought you tied him up in the tub?" Stiles looked at me then looked at Scott, Scott just sighed then pulled me to him and carried me upstairs and put me down in my room, he and Stiles went to his room. I closed my door and yawned then crawled onto my bed, I fell asleep.

I whined and growled as I woke up, Scott ran into my room, he said" shh, it's okay, it's okay." I whimpered, he lifted me up and helped me get dressed, I said" hurts, Scotty, hurts." He said" I know, pup. It's okay, it's okay." He lifted me up and we headed to his school, I whimpered as it was louder than normal.
Scott was watching Liam, he was a Beta now, I could smell it from here. Liam looked at Scott and then ran, Scott walked after him, holding me with one arm. He sat me outside the door and then went into the other hallway, I sat down and covered my ears, I was lifted up, and I opened my eyes and saw Stiles. He put ear plugs in my ears and carried me, to Scott.

We met up with the pack, between the buses, I was jumping up, trying to get onto Scott's back but he was listening to the pack about the plan about Liam. I growled and tried getting onto Scott's back, he stopped me and lifted me up, I nuzzled my face into his neck.
We got home, Scott said" okay, as much as your my pup, you're really hurting my shoulders." I let go of him, he put me down, I whined, he said" it's too dangerous for you to go tonight, it's a full moon, and we have Liam to deal with and Stiles is helping Malia." I said" no, Alpha, no!" He said" oh... if my mom kills me or tries.." I whined, whimpering, he lifted me up and pulled a hoodie over me and covered my face.

Once it was dark, and We pulled up to Lydia's lake house, Malia pulled me away from Scott and cuddled into me. Scott said" I just talked to Kira. She's on her way. She said it's all going fine." I got down and walked to Stiles, he lifted me up and walked to Scott, Stiles said" No, it's not that. I have to tell you something. I asked around about Liam. I know why he got kicked out of his last school." Scott said" This is going to be bad, isn't it?" Stiles said" He kind of got into it with one of his teachers. And... the kid's got some serious anger issues." Scott said" How serious?" Stiles showed Scott a picture, He said" Well, that's his teacher's car. After he took a crowbar to it." We walked inside, Scott carried me up to a room, he said" stay up here, keep your ear plugs in, okay?" I nodded, coating myself in his scent again. Then he put me down, I curled up and closed my eyes.

There was a lot of noise and my ear plugs weren't holding it back. I whimpered and thrashed around on the bed, I need Scott. I need Scott! I ran out of the room and downstairs, I couldn't get past all these people, I got down onto the floor and then crawled through quickly. I ran out in search for Scott, I growled and ran to Scott and collided with him. He shushed me and I whimpered, my eyes closed as I breathed heavily then I fell asleep.
I don't like full moons.

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