Chapter 2

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I woke up, and saw Scott, he said" can you come out? We're home. You've been sleeping for a while now." I stretched out my arms and he lifted me up, Stiles said" May, what did you see?" I mumbled" monster." Stiles said" what kind of monster?" I said" skull monster." Scott said" let's get you inside." I closed my eyes again and cuddled into him, we walked inside, and Scott knocked something over and we saw Scott's dad, Rafe. He said" Scott?" Scott said" hey, dad. What's with the tools?" Rafe said" oh, I was just, uh, getting started on a list of repairs you guys need done. What time is it?" Scott said" it's, um, midnight." He said" We were suppose to have dinner. We had a deal. When your mom has a night shift, we have dinner." Scott said" sorry, I totally forgot about it. When we got back from the camping trip, I had to go straight to the animal clinic to finish up work." He said" Alright, well... tomorrow night. Dinner." Scott said" Great." He said" did you get anything to eat?" Scott said" yeah, Mexican." Then walked upstairs, he carried me to my room and then put me down, I said" no, Scotty, no!" He shushed me and lifted me back up, and carried me to his room. He laid down and put me next to him, I fell asleep.

I ran into the clinic, jumped over the counter and into the exam room. I saw a teenager, I tilted my head as I saw claws, but Deaton and Lydia were turned away from him. He stood up, Deaton and Lydia started saying" Derek, Derek." I couldn't listen, I looked at Deaton and Lydia, then Derek was huffing, he was scared and angry. He started walking towards them, then Derek got angrier as they continued talking. I growled as he lashed at Deaton and cut his arm, he looked at me with a tilted head then ran out. I looked at Lydia and Deaton, then whimpered, walking over to them. Lydia said" Maya, can you do a mission for me?" I nodded, she said" go find Derek, and get him to listen to you, he'll listen to you, he won't hurt you." I nodded and then ran off, following his scent.

I found him at the Hale house ruins, I said" hi." I walked to him, careful, he said" what happened here? Where's my family, do you know where my family is, pup?" I said" they had to go away, but my pack will help you." He said" who's your pack?" I said" McCall." Then I saw the sheriff station deputy truck, I ran and hid, then didn't care to listen as I kept running. I ran to the station, I've known derek even if he's younger, I got there and saw Parrish take off Derek's cuffs, I walked in and sat next to him, I whispered" it's okay." I held his hand, I listened to Haige, he said" I ran this kid's prints eight times. This is all that comes up." Parrish said" Derek Hale?" Then Sheriff came up, uh-oh... I think Stiles is gonna be in trouble. Sheriff said" did you say "Hale"?" Then he looked at Derek then glanced at me then looked at the screen then looked at derek and glanced at me. He walked to us and crouched in front of derek, then looked at me, I smiled, then he got up and looked at the computer again. Then Scotty and Stiles ran in, uh-oh, he said" I'll handle this." Then he went into his office with Scott and Stiles, while I stayed with Derek to keep him calm.

We went into the sheriff's office, Derek sat on the couch, while I stood next to Scotty. Derek said" Why would I go anywhere with you?" Scott said" There was an accident. You lost some memory, but we can help you get it back." Derek said" How much memory?" Scott said" A lot. But you can trust us." Scott kneeled down and glowed his eyes which made mine glow. Derek said" You're an alpha. Okay, who are you? And who is he? Who are you?" Stiles said" Oh, we're the guys keeping you out of jail." Scott said" Let us help you." Derek said" No." Stiles said" Okay, dude, you almost tore apart two cops back there. You need to listen to us. And that starts with no fangs, no claws, no Wolf man. You got that?" Derek said" I'm fine as long as it's not on a full moon." Scott said" You still have trouble with the full moon?" Derek said" I said I'm fine." Stiles said" Alright, you coming with us or not?" Derek said" You want me to trust you? Where's my family?" I held Scott's hand, Scott said" There was a fire. And... they're not here anymore. They're fine. Just had to move out of Beacon Hills. And we're going to take you to them as soon as we figure out how to get your memories back." Derek said" okay."

We were waiting for Derek to be let go, Scott said" I shouldn't have done that. I lied my ass off." Stiles said" Hey, your ass is fine. You saved him from a ton of unnecessary pain. We'll figure out this in a day or two, he goes back to being old Derek, everyone's happy. Except for Derek, who's never happy." Scott said" It's just another person that we're lying to. Just that I always feel like it's better when we tell the truth. With Lydia, your mom, your dad." Stiles said" But that is Derek Hale in there. He may be a kid right now, but he's still Derek Hale." Scott said" Alright, Take him to my house and don't let him out of your sight." Stiles and I said" and where are you going?" Scott said" I'm going to go talk to the guy we should have gone to before." Peter? Peter. Stiles said" uh... yeah, I hate that guy." Stiles looked at me as Scott walked off, I said" at least you don't have to go." Stiles said" yeah, you're right." He lifted me up and held me on his hip.

We got to Scott's, Stiles said" We're going to wait here for Scott. We're going to sit quietly. And we're not going to call or talk to anyone." Derek said" Do I talk to you?" Stiles said" No." Derek said" Good." Stiles said" Fine." I ran upstairs, smelling Rafe, I don't like him, I don't know why I don't like him.

I heard Stiles get slammed into a door, uh-oh, Stiles said" Okay, I didn't lie. I omitted certain truths. Vital truths now that I think about it." Derek said" I don't want to talk to you.  I want to talk to the alpha. I'll talk to Scott." Stiles said" Okay. I'm going to go get him. My phone's downstairs. Going to call him real quick. You stay here. Just don't move, okay? Don't move." Then he walked out the door, he ran back, saying" Don't... I thought you..." I tilted my head and then walked back into my room and rubbed my eyes, I'm getting sleepy.
I heard Stiles walking back up, he said" No, he's in your bedroom, he'll be totally fine. To be honest, I'm starting to miss the old derek. So, if you actually think that Kate's coming to find him... you might be right." Stiles ran into my room, he kneeled down, saying" Okay, Maya, wanna help the pack?" I nodded, he said" I need you to find Scott and help him with Derek, okay? Derek'll listen to you, you're a pup." I nodded, he said" and you know how to fight, so if you see Kate, you run the other way." I nodded, he rubbed my head and grabbed my hoodie, he pulled it over me and ruffled my hair. I squeaked, he said" let me text Scott, real quick and your free to go." He got on his phone quickly then after a minute, he said" they're going to the school, our school, okay?" I nodded, he said" go." I jumped out the window and started running, going to my alpha.

We got to the school, it smelled like the monsters from Mexico. I whimpered but then heard Scott's road, I growled and then ran to find him. I found him being thrown by the monster, I whimpered and then ran and saw Kira. She looked at me then ran ahead, I slid next to Scott, hiding behind him. Kira fought the monsters and then was hit and she landed next to us. Then Derek came up and fought the monsters then there was a loud roar then the monsters retreated then we looked at derek, Scott said" Derek?" He turned around and he was back to normal but his eyes are yellow now.

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