Chapter 6

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I started getting sleepy before the cops showed up, Scott tried to pass me to Stiles but Stiles said" No way, she's your pup." Scott said" Maya, go to sleep, I think we'll be out for a while." I nodded, then got comfy, which almost caused Scott to drop me, I fell asleep.
I slightly woke up when I was being moved into someone else's arms, I squirmed around then fell asleep again.

I woke up when I was being placed on something soft, I opened my eyes, Scott said" Go back to sleep, we're home." I wrapped my arms around his arm, he said" We're in my room, pup." I let go of his arms and turned around, falling back to sleep, I felt Scott Get into bed then pulled me under the sheets so I wouldn't get cold.

I was in my room, playing, while waiting for Scott to be ready to leave.

Once we got to school, I didn't feel like staying with Scott today. I walked through the halls when I caught Derek's scent, I followed it. I said" what're you doing here?" I tilted my head, He said" I'm here to get Malia to help find Satomi's pack." I said" Can I come?" He said" no, you stay with Scott, there's still assassins out there." I said" okay." I hugged him, he said" why aren't you with Scott?" I smiled then ran off,

I found Scott with Mason, at Coach's office, Coach said" Sorry, Guys, Liam skipped my class. Maybe he's sick. Like me." Mason said" Liam didn't look sick on our run." Scott said" He's not getting back to any of my texts." Mason said" Mine either." The bell rung, Scott said" Yeah, don't worry, I'll find him. But text me if you see him." Mason said" alright." Then he walked away, Scott grabbed my hand and we started walking, then Scott's phone vibrated, I stood up on my tippy toes and looked at the screen, Liam. Scott answered it, He said" Liam?" I listened in, Garret said" Sounds like you already know the answer to that, Scott." Scott said" Where is he?" Garret said" Come on. Like I'm actually going to tell you that." Scott said" I'll give you the money." Garret said" Yeah, you will. But that's not going to get you Liam back. You're going to have to put in a little more effort than that." Scott said" What do you want?" Garret said" I want the money. And Violet. Or you never see Liam again." I stopped listening as Scott put his hand on my head.
We walked outside to the buses and in between them, Garrett was waiting, Scott said" Okay, what do you want? You want me to go to Stilinski? I can do that. Or I can talk to my father. He's an FBI agent." Garret said" You think I want you talking to anyone with a badge? I'm not getting help from a werewolf because I want him to talk to someone." Scott said" Then what am I suppose to do?" Garret said" They're transferring Violet to a Federal Facility. You're not going to let that happen." Scott said" How?" Garrett said" They're going to put her in a car. We're going to follow it. We get ahead of it. You stop it." Scott said" You want me to attack a car? That's your plan?" Garrett said" You're an Alpha. If you can't stop one little car, then one little Beta is going to die." Then he pushed a button and the dagger came out, he said" I stabbed your boy with a blade dipped in wolfsbane. Once it gets to the heart, bad things happen."

Scott put me down as we walked into the station, he said" I want you to go look for Liam, Can you do that for me?" I said" but you'll be alone with Garrett." He said" I'll be fine, Garrett could easily change the rule and hurt you too. So I need you as far away from him as I can get you, go look for Liam. Remember what Stiles always says?" I said" That I'm a better wolf than you?" He nodded, he said" Stiles is right, you're a born wolf, you have better senses than I do. Go find Liam, and try to help him." I nodded then snuck out and took off into the woods, trying to track Liam's scent but he was somewhere I couldn't.

I stopped running, and crouched down, closing my eyes and listening. I heard something hit water, I remembered something Derek taught me.

I looked at Derek, he said" remember, just focus on who you want to find and let your instincts take over. Close your eyes, and listen." I closed my eyes and I heard him running off then he stopped, I opened my eyes, I sniffed the air but couldn't find his scent. I whimpered but closed my eyes again, crouching down, I started listening. I heard his breathing, and his heart beat, then I took off running, I collided with something. I opened my eyes and saw I was on Derek's chest, he said" Good job, pup, now just remember when you're running, keep your eyes open." I giggled, looking at him, he smiled and ruffled my hair, he stood up and carried me.

I breathed in, closing my eyes and crouched down, I focused and listened, I opened my eyes and felt them change to blue. I started running, on all fours and faster than normal. I stopped at a well, then sniffed around again, carefully walking. I looked down and saw Liam, he said" who is that?!" I said" Maya." Liam said" Where's Scott?" He started slipping then he fell, then he punched the wall. I said" I don't know where he is, but I'll help you." He started climbing again, I could hear his heart racing, Scott needs to hurry up, he's running out of time, I can smell the wolfsbane. He started coughing, I said" Liam, Liam, you've gotta roar." He looked up at the moon, then yelled, I screamed" Scott!" Which turned into a cry to an alpha from a pup, calling for help. I reached down and then slid onto the side, I leaned over and grabbed his hand, I tried to pull him up but my feet were barely touching the ground, Liam's hand slipped. I whimpered and held tighter to his other hand, I felt my feet slip and then we started falling but someone's arms around my stomach and pulled me up. I saw Scott, he pulled me up and then grabbed Liam's arm, pulling him up. He sat Liam down, Scott said" You're okay, Liam." Then he hugged him, he said" you're okay."

We got Liam to Deaton, I was hanging onto Scott's back, my eyes half closed, I heard Scott say" I don't want to keep watching people die." I yawned a little, Chris said" I'm not sure you have much choice about that." Scott said" Maybe I do." Deaton said" That's a lot of burden to carry, Scott." Scott said" I don't care. No one else dies. Everyone on that list. Everyone on that dead pool. It doesn't matter if they're Wendigos, or werewolves, or whatever. I'm gonna save everyone."

We got home, Scott carried me to my room, he whispered" I'm staying up a bit later, go to sleep, Maya. I'll see you in the morning." He kissed my head and I fell asleep.

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