Chapter 5

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I was coloring in my coloring book in Sheriff's office, Scott and Stiles were catching the sheriff up on everything. I didn't really listen because they haven't told me anything. I heard Sheriff say" Banshee?" Stiles said" Banshee." I walked to them and looked at the list, I saw Scott, Lydia, Kira, Derek... and me. I whimpered and snuggled into Scott's side, I started listening again, Stiles said" It's actually a name." Scott said" Allison." Stiles said" Her name broke a third of the list." Scott said" And now we think there's two other cipher keys." Sheriff said" Which will give us the rest of the names. Okay. So how do we get the cipher keys?" Stiles said" Same way we got the code." Scott said" Lydia. She's been out at the lake house all weekend trying to find the other two key words." Sheriff said" You didn't know about Demarco and Carrie. Hmm? And what about these other two names on the list? Uh, Kayleen Bettcher and Elias Town. They werewolves too?" Scott said" I don't know. But Deaton said that the Nemeton would draw supernatural creatures here." Sheriff said" Here being Beacon Hills? Or Beacon county? The population of Beacon Hills is just under 30,000." Stiles said" and dropping." Sheriff said" But if we're talking Beacon County, then you're looking close to 500,000. Look, how many werewolves, banshees, kitsunes, and whatever the hell else is out there are we talking about? And what happens if the next cipher key uncovers not 13 names but 100?" Stiles said" We don't think there would be that many. There's a limit." Scott said" because of the numbers. We think that once we decode the names, the numbers will add up to 117." Sheriff said" 117 what?" Scott said" Million." Then Stiles starting writing letters next to the numbers, Stiles said" one hundred and seventeen million dollars, dad. Stolen from the Hale Vault and is being used by someone to finance all these murders." Scott said" Someone who wants every supernatural in Beacon Hills dead." Sheriff said" So the coded list goes out. And somehow these professional assassins get that list." Stiles said" And the cipher key." Sheriff said" And then they go after the names on the list. They being killers with no mouths, tomahawks, thermo-cut wires that can take your head off." Stiles said" Let me see. Carrie was also stabbed. What's this mark?" Scott covered my face, I held his hand, Sheriff said" We're not sure yet. We're waiting on the ME's report. There's one other thing that I don't get. How did this new assassin know that Demarco was going to be at the lake house?" Scott said" Everyone knows he delivers kegs to teenagers for a little extra cash." Sheriff said" So whoever ordered that keg killed Demarco." Stiles said" Yeah, it was someone at the party." Scott said" A student."

We were at the school, Scott said" May, what're you doing?" I was playing with his hair, I shrugged, he said" sniff the air." I sniffed and smelt Derek, I said" derek!" He wrapped his arms around me to keep me with him, I whined, saying" derek." He said" hold on." Then we walked into the locker room, Scott said" Liam." We walked further and Liam was being held by Derek, Scott put me down, Derek said" You're right. He is angry." He let him go, Scott pulled out a lacrosse stick, Scott said" This one's yours." Then the school bell rang, Scott said" Get to class, Liam." Liam walked away, Derek smiled, Scott said" What are you smiling about?" Derek said" You're gonna be good at this." Scott said" Are you kidding? I am totally unprepared. Remember how you said you could teach me a few things? I think, right now I could use a full-on training manual." Derek said" I'll tell you one thing. That anger he's got? It'll make him strong." Scott said" And dangerous." Derek said" Very." Scott sat down, he said" This was suppose to be the semester I could focus on school again. But Kate's back. And I've got a Beta. And there's a dead pool." Derek said" If all our names are on that list, then that's what we should be focused on. Do you think Lydia can get that second key?" Scott said" She's working on it. Can you please say something to the pup? I can literally feel her excitement." Derek smiled at me, saying" hey, Maya. Is Scott taking good care of you?" I said" yep." I hugged him, he hugged me back, Scott said" Maya, tell Derek what you did to Stiles' lacrosse stick." I said" I chewed through the net, then I fixed it, then I stole his flannel, then I chewed on it. And I hit Stiles, 'cause Scott says I can." Derek said" that's good." I sniffed the air, I said" Stiles!" Then took off running, I saw Stiles, I jumped up and tackled him, he said" ahh! Maya!" I giggled, he said" geez, where's Scott?" I shrugged, and nuzzled into his neck, he stood up and held me.

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