Chapter 9

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Scott picked me up from my sleep, he whispered" Derek and Lydia need me, and I'm not leaving you here alone." I nodded against his neck and he carried me outside, and held me as he got onto his bike, I said" I though Melissa said she'd kill you if she ever knew I was on the bike?" Scott said" and that's why my mom doesn't find out, okay?" I nodded, he kissed my head and then drove.

Once we got to the loft, Parrish and Lydia were there, we walked up and Derek looked at Parrish's hands. I didn't understand what was going on and I was sleepy. My eyes closed again, and I tried falling back to sleep but I heard Parrish say" Are you all psychic?" Derek said" Psychic?" Parrish said" Yeah." Lydia's not psychic, she's a banshee. Scott said" Not exactly." Parrish said" Okay. Then what are you?" Scott looked at Derek, then looked at Parrish, my eyes glowed as Scott's did. Then they started explaining things to Parrish, Parrish said" What's a Kanima?" Scott said" We'll get back to that. Just know that everyone like us, everyone with some kind of supernatural ability is on the dead pool." Parrish said" But I don't even know what I am."
Derek said" I'm pretty sure they don't care." Parrish said" How many professional assassins are we talking about?" Lydia said" We're starting to lose count." Scott said" But is it still just professionals?" Parrish said" I don't think Haigh's ever tried anything like this. I think he was taking a chance." Derek said" That means anyone with the dead pool can take a chance." Parrish said" But if Haig had it, then who else does? How easy is it to get this thing now?" I looked between Derek and Scott, I walked to Derek and tugged at his shirt, he lifted me up and I fell asleep.

I woke up to me being moved into someone's arms, I sniffed and knew it was alpha's arms. I heard Derek say" Be careful with that." Scott said" I thought you didn't like guns. Does this have something to do with your eyes." Derek said" My eyes, my strength, the healing... all of it." Scott said" Gone?" Derek said" Whatever Kate did to me, it's still happening." Scott said" If the dead pool really was made by a banshee then there's something else that you should know about. Your name broke the third list. It was a cipher key." Derek said" And the other two keys were Allison and Aiden. And I... I don't want to make you nervous, but it kind of feels like there might be a pattern there, doesn't it? Allison, Aiden... you." Derek said" Names picked by a banshee." I fell back to sleep.
I was in my room, waiting for Scott to be ready to leave, then I started getting bored. I circled around for a minute then after forever, Scott walked in, he said" ready?" I smiled then ran to him, he quickly lifted me up into his arms and we left home.

Once we got to school, he said" Lydia and Stiles aren't here today, okay? So, stay with me for today." I huffed but nodded, he smiled and ruffled my hair, I whined and playfully growled at him. He said" aww." He lifted me up and we walked inside.

Scott sat me outside the locker room, like normal, and walked inside, I sat outside, bored. No Stiles, No Lydia, Where's Malia and Kira? I whined as Scott walked out, I pouted at him, he said" I'll let you go if you go straight to Stiles' house. No detours, No forest." I nodded, excitedly, he said" there's still people out there that want to kill you, I should keep you with me." I whined, he said" how about you stay with me and I'll let you have candy for dinner?" I smiled, nodding happily, he said" I'm gonna regret this." I pouted, he said" no pouting."

We walked down the stair to Liam, who was sitting on the stairs, messing with his lacrosse stick. Scott sat down a step next to him, and I leaned down, behind Scotty. Scott said" hey. You okay? Hey." Liam said" Last night my printer went off by itself. I couldn't turn it off. I hit the cancel button. But it just kept printing." Scott said" Printing what?" He balanced me as he lifted me up and made me sit on hi knee. Liam handed Scott a folded paper, Scott took it and opened it. It was another list. I whimpered, looking at Scott, then we heard Coach yell" what the hell is this?" Scott wrapped his arm around me then got up, we walked to Coach's office and saw his printer was printing a list. Scott grabbed one and we walked off, Scott put me down and I stood on my tippy toes to see the lists in Scott's hands. Liam said" You see the difference?" Scott said" Derek's not on the list anymore." Liam said" And I'm not worth 3 million. It's 18 now. 18 million dollars." I grabbed Scott's arm trying to see the list, but he pulled his arms up more, I whined. Liam looked at me, I said" what? How much?" Liam looked at Scott, I tilted my head, Scott said" May, you stay with me." I tilted my head but nodded, he said" okay, let's go, May." He put the lists away then lifted me up into his arms, he carried me away from Liam.

We were at the stupid bonfire thingy, Scott made me where Sound proof headphones that Deaton approved for us. We walked into the crowds and we saw Malia, I looked at Scott as he made his way over to her. I hated not being able to hear, it was just silence, and I didn't like it. Scott put me down as he grabbed Malia, who was starting to fall, I tilted my head, wolves can't be effected by what she's drinking. He grabbed my hand and we walked to Liam and his friend, Mason, I looked at Scott.
Once we got there, Scott lifted me up onto the table between Liam and Malia. I still couldn't hear, but then Scott took off my headphones, Mason said" Not enough to get him like this." Scott said" Something's happening. We need to get them out of here. I think we're gonna have to, um..." Scott looked at his hand, I tilted my head then blinked a few times as my eye sight blurred. Mason said" How much did you drink?" Scott said" Nothing. Not even a sip." Scott leaned down next to me, my hearing caught something in the music, I tilted my head at the beat it was making. Then it got louder, I grabbed Scott's arm, snuggling into it. Scott said" It's not the drinks. It's the music." After a minute, Scott stood up, saying" I have to... I have to turn off the music. Don't let them out of your sight." Then he walked away, I looked at Mason, then at Malia and Liam. I heard someone coming towards us, I stood up, protecting Liam, from the meanies. They walked forward and one of them grabbed my arm then Liam's, Mason said" Hey, what are you doing? These are my friends." The man said" Your friends are overly intoxicated. They need to be escorted out." Mason said" Okay, I'll go with them." The man said" That won't be necessary." Mason said" I said they're my friends..." he pushed Mason down, two jocks started walking over, the meanies let go of me and walked off with Malia and Liam. The two jocks helped Mason up, he looked at me, I said" I need to get Scott. Turn off the music." Then walked off, following the scent of Liam, making sure to stay hidden. I got to the school and hid behind the wall, I saw the meanie splash gasoline onto Scott, Liam and Malia. I whimpered, maybe a little too loud, one of them looked at me and walked over, I froze in fear. I looked at Scott, he was silently telling me to run but I couldn't, I was too scared. The man grabbed me and then threw me next to Scott, I got covered in gasoline. The first one put a lighter in front of Scott, I whimpered, then the music stopped, good Mason! Scott's eyes glowed, causing mine to glow too, Scott grabbed the man's arm and broke it. Then Braeden showed up and knocked the man down, Then Derek came out of the shadows and fought the two other men. Then they stopped after they were all passed out, I think, Scott said" What happened to the gun?" Derek said" You're covered in gasoline." Scott said" oh, yeah." Then Derek held out his hand, Scott grabbed it and Derek pulled him up, Derek walked to me and lifted me up into his arms.

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