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chapter 14

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Scott (POV)

after I had past out I woke up at Dereks and the twins were there I got up as fast as I could ready to rip there head of. Derek stopped me and told me about what had happened how the twins had found Jennifer headless and that Kali and Deucalion was dead. I could feel that something was left out from the story so I asked them what it was that they weren´t telling me. they told me that Maya had done it and that we should give the twins a chance to prove themselves that they could be trusted. I called the Winchesters and ordered them to come so we could explain to them what had happened and they were on their way over here to California. 

when they arrived we told them about that she didn´t remember us when we met her at the pizza diner and she was turned in to a hunter and that she had almost killed the whole alpha pack and a teacher. they looked at each other with a knowing look.

"why are you looking at each other like that" I asked.

"like what" they said at the same time.

"like you know something we don´t"

"that´s because we do" Dean said.

"then tell us" Derek ordered.

"don´t boss me around but we will tell you anyway sense you care about her." Sam said.

"a few months ago she killed an archangel his name was Lucifer..." they started but stiles cut them of.

"like THE Lucifer from the stories" he asked.

"yeas can I please continue.. thank you."

"like we said she killed him to protect all of her friends and family but the consequence was that she would lose her memory. and she did. when she woke up she didn´t even know who we were. we sent her to a family friend and they took care of her. but apparently they didn´t do such a good job with that sense she is a hunter. and killed a teacher." they explained.

"why didn´t you call and tell us" I asked

"because we wanted her to be safe" Dean said.

"well she kind of stronger than an alpha what do you know about that" Lydia asked.

"it means she is starting to first get stronger and eventually she gets weaker and weaker and then she is human. and if me and Dean are right she will also have her memory back or die." Sam explained.

"so your saying she will either get her memory back or die" Allison asked.

"yes so you need to keep an eye on her. where is she now."

"on her way over here. but I should meet her sense she doesn't know the whole way here." I said

I got in my car and went to meet her I past a car accident on the way with a red mustang and didn´t think much of it until I remembered that Maya drove a red mustang and then I drove back and helped her out of the car she was past out. I called the ambulance and the pack to meet us at the hospital.

when we got there she was rushed in for operation . I saw the pack the twins mom Deaton and the Winchesters. and told them what happened. we all sat in the waiting room waiting for the doctor. when he came out we all stood up hoping for some good news.

"she is alright and stable you can go in if you want." the doctor said.

"thanks doc"

we went inside and she looked good and asked where Castiel was and Peter. I think she had her memory back. when she got out from the hospital we all went to Dereks loft and celebrated that she had her memory back and that we where all free.

The End

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