Chapter 1

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Maya ( POV )

Today was my first day back at school after I've been on a trip to Italy well that´s what I am telling people. when I got back I found out that it had ended very bad for my friend Kat she died of food poisoning or that what they told me at least. Mom and Scott have also been busy. Scott broke up with Allison and mom has been working. I think Scott and Allison are going to end up together again. I really hope so cause they are perfect for each other. I haven´t told anyone that Kat is dead I just said she met a guy and they continued to travel the world and maybe end up getting married or something. ever sense I got home Scott has been pushing me away same with stiles and Allison. Lydia I haven´t spoken to yet I will probably meet her today at school.

when I was done in the shower I put on some black jeans a white  peplum shirt and some Louboutin heels and red lipstick. I had my light brown hair down to my back and decided to just leave it. I took my Michael Kors bag and went down stairs and saw Scott eat a bowl of cereals.

" Good morning Scott."

" Good morning sis. how you doing"

" can I raid with you and Stiles today or should I take my own car" I asked already knowing the answer to the question.

" You take your own. me and Stiles have somewhere to be after school."

" got it thanks for being such a social and nice brother. Have a nice day" then I walked out to my mustang from 66 and turned on AC/DC and drove of.

why does he always do that. Before we always had time for each other and drove to school together and now we barley see each other or hang out or speak. I just have to ignore him and he can found out how I feel about it.

I got to school and parked my car. I saw Lydia. I went up to her. I knew we always had time for each other.

" hi Lydia"

" Hi Maya uh I can´t really talk right now I really need to meet up with Allison and Scott bye"

" oh okay then bye"

what was going on with everybody. I went to my locker and got my stuff I put them in my bag so I don´t have to go to my locker after every lesson to get the next one. when I got inside everyone was there Scott Stiles Lydia and Allison. we had the same lesson then why couldn´t we go together. I decided to just let it be and ignore everybody. we had a chemistry test today and I always past it so I didn´t need to study because I´m smarter then Lydia. when I was done with the test everybody was just on there second question even Lydia. so I went to Mr. Harris and left my test and got out of there. I could feel there eyes in my neck it was a bit creepy.

I went to lunch and sat by myself eating and texting on my phone. Kats parents knew what had happened they didn´t want to tell me what. but we both had agreed to keep it secret. I had to find out what happened to her. when the gang came I was already rushing out of there heading to the library. I didn´t stop when they yelled my name or when they said hi.

when I got to the library I took every single book I could find about the supernatural and put it in a pile. I went and got a pillow from the librarian and started reading.

Scott (POV)

I can´t believe I am doing this to my sister we just to be so close. ever sense I got bit I had been pushing her away. even Stiles Lydia and Allison. we had a meeting with Derek today he came to school and told us about an alpha pack coming to town and that we should talk more after school. then we all went to class. Maya came in just a minute after us and sat down took her test. when I was on my second question she was already done. How smart can she be. it´s impossible. when class was over we went to lunch. when we came to lunch she was rushing out having a hard look on her face. we all said hi to her she didn´t answer we all yelled her name she didn´t answer. wonder where she´s going.

"guys I think I should talk to her I mean I have been pushing her away sense I got bit we all have."

" yeah you should" Stiles said. I said bye and went of to find her. I found her in the library. wonder what she´s doing in here. she is never in here. when I got closer I saw that she was reading about the supernatural. I got really nervous she can´t know she can never know then she won´t be safe.

" Hi Maya what are you reading about"

" non of you business" she said and slammed the book together and put all the other books in the shelf and went to the librarian and got the book she had slammed. 

" Maya please we need to talk"

" no we don´t in fact I´m very busy right now I need to... uh...never mind"

I grabbed her arm but then she did something I didn´t expect all of a sudden I was pined to the wall I was trying to use my strength but it didn´t effect her. I looked at her and she looked at me like she was going to kill me. then she let go and run out to her car and disappeared. I ran to the other and looked at them and said you can´t believe what just happened.

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