chapter 7

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Sam (POV)

when we arrived at the house it was messy. we got to the door when we knocked at the door it fell. on the inside was a woman two girls and a man and two boys.

" Hi" I said a bit awkward.

" you must be Sam and Dean come in sorry about the door. it was broken when we got home".

" so can you tell us your names sense you now ours".

" yes sure. I´m Melissa that creepy man over there is peter on the couch is Lydia and Allison in the kitchen is Stiles and over there at the staircase is my son Scott.

we didn´t really get to say much before a man and another teenage boy came rushing in.

" Scott I´m sorry I didn´t tell you but your sister is at my house but there is no time to explain more because she is attacked by demons so can we please hurry up." the man said in a rush. he really seemed to care about this girl.

" lets go hurry up" Dean said then we were all in our cars rushing to that guys place. when we got there it was a total mess and sitting up against the wall was a girl I guess  that´s Maya. a few meters away was a few dead demons. when I looked closer at Maya she had an angel blade in her stomach.

" Dean we can´t save her she is already dead she has no pulse" Dean started to get tears in his eyes the same with the other people in the room. all of a sudden she woke up with a gasp. Scott rushed forward helping her up.

"What a hell aren't I supposed to be dead. I mean they did kill me with the blade." she said.

" well with all the stuff that has happened to us here without you knowing. it is actually not so weird I mean Peter did come back from the dead too. Stiles I think his name was said.

"what are you talking about peter died when why didn´t anyone tell me. stiles your supposed to be like a brother to me and you didn´t think to tell me that the guy that has been there for me my whole life died. you son of a bitch. is there anything else you forgot to tell me." Maya said wow she was mad. well I would be too.

"no well I mean he did almost kill Lydia."

"STILES" everyone was yelling at him.

"what you did what. I am going to count to ten if you are still her I am going to kill you" she said to peter. wow they are really complicated. first she is protecting him than she is going to kill him. of course she didn´t mean it after ten minutes the where talking about it.

"Maya we would really like you to meet our uncle Bobby and our angel friend Castiel he is an angel of the lord." Dean said to her.

" yeah sure but first I want to clear some stuff up. first don´t kill them they are my friends and they have not really hurt anyone´. the boys except for Stiles are werewolves Allison is a hunter and Lydia is a banshee. we use to say Stiles is a snowman but only on the winter. and if you so even hurt a hair on their head I won´t hesitate to kill you. Got it. she said with a hard look on her face. she sure is a Winchester.

"Got it" me and Dean said at the same time.

" Good now I need to go home and pack then we can go" she said with a smile.

we got home and helped them clean up while Maya was packing. than she said goodbye and we drove of to Bobbys.

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