chapter 6

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Derek (POV)

when I got home I could smell something sweet so I looked around and when I got to my bedroom I saw Maya. has she been here the hole time when we where all looking for her. no she can´t have then we would have smelt her. she looked tired and exhausted and she had scars and bruises from handcuffs.

"Hi" she said in a sweet voice. weird I mean she was very cold and mean before.

"Hi what are you doing here. have you been here the hole time" I asked.

" well I haven´t been here the hole time that´s for sure. I was down there. " she said pointing down to the floor.

" in my basement"

"no down there as in Hell. it was awful. last time I was there was when I told everyone that I had been to Italy with Kat."

"Why where you there. why did you lie to your family and friends and why are you telling me this" I asked. curious.

" I was there because I had made a deal with a demon named Crowley he´s the king. I did it to protect beacon hills. they where going to attack the hole town. They knew who I was and what I was and let me tell you when I got out of there two hours ago they where scared. and I tell you this because I can´t go back home not yet. so I was wondering if I could stay here for a while.

" Yeah sure you can stay but why can´t you go back home"

"Because my mom called the Winchesters and they are going to look for me so I should call home and say that I will be gone for a while and I will be safe."

"yeah you should. when you are done you can take the bed I can take the couch. Good night"

"Good night and thank you for letting me stay"

"No problem".

I was really going soft for this girl.

Maya (POV)

when the saw what I was the looked scared every demon down stairs. they are probably blind right now from the light. I finally got out and I ended up at Dereks. When he got home he was surprised to see me we talked a little then he went to bed. I decided to call Scott.

"Hi where are you everything is a mess".

" yeah hi well I won´t be home for awhile but I am safe I have to go goodbye"

" no wait"

"what is it" I asked.

" your biological brothers are coming to town can you at least come home and show yourself. mom is really worried about you so am I and Lydia Allison and Stiles."

"maybe I am not sure it is safe for that yet sorry but tell them that I am really safe and that I can handle it. oh and tell Sam and Dean that I have met Crowley....Good bye" I hung up. it was really hard to not go home but I have to stay here for a week to be sure that they are safe.

before I went to bed I checked that everything was locked and the I painted a pentagram in case a demon came here I made it so that it was barley visible. then I went to Derek and saw that he was a sleep so I also went to bed it was school tomorrow.

when I woke up Derek had made breakfast i could smell it. i went out to the kitchen and saw Isaac oh no.

" Why didn´t you tell me that Isaac lives with you"

" well good morning to you too. and I didn´t really think about it. why is it important."

"because now I have to leave to keep both of you safe from demons and me". I walked out of the kitchen and packed my stuff together and was on my way to the door when the door burst open. it was demons. this will be fun. I dropped my stuff and was on my way to the demons when they pulled out an angel blade. I backed away.

" What are you doing here leave before you regret it" i said with a sadistic smile.

" no we are following orders so shall we make it the easy way or the bad way" the bitch said.

Derek and Isaac came out from the kitchen.

"what is going on here. what are you doing here. who are you" they asked.

"go get S and D now" I ordered. surprisingly they listened and got out of there.

than I was fighting the demons it was a few of them. When I was done I fell against the wall to keep myself up but it didn´t work so I blacked out.

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