chapter 9

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Maya (POV)

"Castiel what a fudge. where am I and why did you do that" I asked him

"because we need to talk in private I know where Lucifer is and how you can kill him but there is consequences .oh and we are in Detroit." he answered.

"what consequences"

"you loose your memory of the life you had before and the people you knew. are you ready for those consequences"

"yeah I guess if it means that I keep everybody safe meaning family and friends."

"yes you do now we need to go back and tell them that you are ready"

then we where back at uncle Bobbys.

"where the hell did you go" Dean asked.

"somewhere to talk alone" Castiel said.

" and you couldn't have gone outside to do that" Sam said.

"stop talking and start listening to what we have to say." Castiel said.


"I am ready to take on Lucifer and Castiel told me where he is. so I have to go now"

"what you can´t not yet we just started to get to know you and now you are going to take of and fight Lucifer. no way" Dean said.

" I am sorry but it has to be done. its for keeping you and the rest of my friends and family safe. goodbye"

then I took of to find Lucifer. he was in a motel outside of Georgia. I burst the door down and saw him sitting there waiting for me. I did an exorcism on him while using my angel blade and powers to kill him. i went back home to bobby. Castiel had told Sam and Dean that I would loose my memory I had heard him then they had started to yell at each other then I had blacked out.

I know this was a short one but I am not felling well. Sorry it will be longer next time I promise.

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