Chapter 2

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" What happened" everyone asked.

" Maya just pinned me to a wall "

" What! did you use your strength" Allison said.

" that´s what I did after and she hold me on the same place with no force at all."

" we need to talk to Derek maybe he knows something" Stiles said.

" No we need to talk with her first. we do it after school Derek can wait."

" yeah you right we should talk to her first if she´s not saying anything then we can talk to Derek" Lydia said.

we ate our lunch and then we all went home skipping school hoping that Maya was there.

Maya (POV)

after I had pinned my own brother to the wall I took of. How the hell did I do that. I drove to the woods it was always quiet there so I could think and read. I found out that Kat had died a supernatural death. she was killed by a demon. and I also found out that there was more out there so I decided that I should start training. no one kills my best friend and gets away with it.

when I was on my way back to my car I bumped in to someone. He looked mad.

" sorry I wasn´t looking"

" this is private property why are you here" he said then his eyes turned red.

oh shit a werewolf here in Beacon hills. I knew it. I had met one in Italy and it tried to kill me. so the only thing I could think of was to get the hell out of there and fast.

" sorry I....I should g-go." then I run away to my car and drove of home.

when I got home Stiles car was there also Lydias and Allisons. great. I walked in and was met by everyone.

" where have you been you just took of" Scott said.

I just looked at him.

"can you please answer me or I´m going to get someone who you will answer to."

I just starred at him. then I walked up to my room. my heart was beating fast and I needed to control it or I will have a panic attack.

Scott (POV)

when we got home she wasn´t there so we waited.

then she walked trough the door she looked scared but right now I needed answers.

" where have you been you just took of." I asked her with attitude.

she just looked at me like she wouldn´t tell me. she always answered.

" can you please answer me or I´m going to get someone who you will answer to." I noticed her heart beat was going crazy. she just looked at me then walked up to her room. I called Derek and told him to come because it was important.

" what´s so damn important" Derek asked coming through the door with Peter.

" I have a sister and there is something of about her."

"when did you decide that you were going to tell me about your sister" he asked.

" never cause then she would be in danger plus she´s adopted we found her outside our door when she was six months old. well that´s not the point.

" then what is. has she found out about you"

"no. I mean I don´t think so. I found her in the library reading about the supernatural. but not about werewolves. then when I asked about it she walked away then I grabbed her arm then she pinned me to the wall and I was using my strength but she kept holding me to the wall with barley any force at all."

"I have never heard anything about something like that. sorry"

then I heard her window open and a bang. we all heard it then we went up to see what had happened and she was gone. What a hell.

Maya (POV)

when I got to my room I packed my clothes and necessary stuff a woman needs then I decided to go done stairs to get something to eat that´s when I heard his voice. it was the same one from the woods I heard them talking about me and werewolves. I took my bag and took of through the window. I could here there cars behind me so I speed up and drifted around the corners. I mean you can´t just go around the world not trying new things out. me and Kat had learned to race so I knew I would be fast. a black Camero was behind me great that´s probably the creepy guy from the woods. I missed the red light so when I stepped on the break my car severed and I just stepped out of the car with my bag while it was doing that and took out my gun with wolfspane mixed with mistletoe. my car crashed in to a tree and the others had stopped at the red light and was now out of the car looking at me with there mouths open. I went up to them.

" you wanted to talk right let´s talk."

" are you craze you could have killed yourself and then you decided that we should talk." Scott said almost wolfing out I saw his eyes turn red and that´s when I knew he was also a werewolf.

" okay lets do it this way try to kill me I WILL shoot you with my gun filled with wolfspane mixed with mistletoe."

they just looked at me then Scott said

" we will not kill you now put down the gun."

I did as told but I did not put it away I just lowered it and jumped in Stiles car. the others did the same and then I was of back to my house.

" so where the hell did you get that gun and how did you now that I was a werewolf" Scott said.

" well the gun I found in my trunk. that you where a werewolf is a hole other story for another time" I said.

" no you tell them now." a blond curly haired guy with blue eyes said. I hadn´t noticed that he was in the car.

" fine Isaac I tell them. when I was in Italy with Kat before she took of I was almost killed by a werewolf. anything else.

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