chapter 4

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Derek (POV)

was she serious half angel half human. come on come up with something believable. but I have to admit Maya is really pretty and her eyes I could stare in them forever. come on Derek what a hell you should not be thinking about this it is not you.

" So your saying that she is half human half angel" I said pointing at Maya that was sitting next to me.

"yes that´s right" Melissa and Deaton said.

" I don´t believe this come up with something that is real"

I saw how Maya rolled her eyes.

" what" I asked her.

"so your saying that there could be werewolves kanimas demons but there can´t be a person that is half human half angel." she said.

" yeah that´s what i´m saying."

"please grow up and see the real world" she groaned.

"what´s that suppose to mean. that I don´t know what really is out there in the world. there is no such thing as angels."

"well sorry to disappoint but here I am almost fully angel and I do know a lot about the supernatural. you see I am a Winchester by blood so I wouldn´t mess with me." she said.

" why should I be scared."

" because I have literally been to hell and back." with that she stood up said goodbye to Deaton and Melissa and drove of.

" what did she mean by that " I asked. everybody said they didn´t know not even Melissa or Deaton not even her brother.

Scott (POV)

wonder what she had meant by that. I really don´t believe in angels and stuff and now some hunters was going to come to town. they are going to kill us. I knew she drove home so me mom and Stiles drove there the rest went to their own place. when we got there the door was wide open and her window was broken. I run in and checked everywhere looking for her but she was nowhere to be found. her car was still in the garage. my mom looked calm but with a look of panic. Stiles was looking around with wide eyes.

" what happened here. where is Maya" I asked.

" what she´s not here." Mom said.

"no her room is a mess and her car is still here."

" well maybe she took of and wanted to be alone" Stiles said.

"no something is wrong I can smell fear and I know that my sister I almost never scared."

I called the pack and we all split up looking for her in the hole town but no one had found her. maybe mom should call the Winchesters all I want is my sister to come back in one piece and we really need to know what she had meant by been to hell and back.

" mom maybe you should call the Winchesters and ask them to come."

"but then you will but our pack at danger" Stiles said.

" I don´t care all I want is my sister back here in one piece we will deal with that after we found her."

" he has a point we really need her back in one piece or else we can´t now the hole truth about her real family." Stiles said.

" dude we are her real family" I asked a little bit hurt.

" sorry dude I meant her biological family."

"alright I call them but when they get here behave. All of you got it. my mom said. we all said got it at the same time.

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