chapter 3

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Scott (POV)

Stiles slammed on the breaks.

" You WHAT!! why didn´t you say anything." he said.

" maybe because one it wasn´t worth mentioning it two how the hell would I say it I didn´t even knew that my brother was a werewolf and three you guys were pushing me away."

stiles didn´t say anything neither did I because we knew she was right.

" So how did you know my name" Isaac said. that really was a good question.

" uh don´t know took a guess " she said. when she mentioned Kat her heart skipped a beat I have to ask her.

" Sis why did you lie about Kat where is she really."

" I did not lie I just didn´t tell you where she is exactly."

" please tell me I know your lying"

" fine she´s dead so what" she said that with no emotion at all. what a heck. they used to be best friends why is she acting like this. I wasn´t the only one that had noticed Isaac and stiles did to. we drove home everyone was fallowing us back.

" why did you say it like that"

" say what like what" she said like she didn´t really care.

" that she was dead and you said it with no emotion at all. what´s going on with you."

" who´s dead" Derek and Peter asked at the same time while they walked in.

" Kat her best friend."

everyone was quiet you could hear everyone breathing.

" well I need a new car"

everyone was looking at each other. how can she be thinking about getting a new car when she just told us that her friend was dead.

"how can you be so cold. your even colder than me" Derek said.

he had a point it was true.

" because I don´t care now any more question or can I go get my new car." she had a strong look on her face.

" what do you know about us" I asked testing to see how much she new about her friends.

" well you Derek Isaac and peter are werewolves Allison is a hunter and stiles is a snowman but only on the winter she said sarcastic."

" how did you know that"

" I keep my head down and my eyes open " she said to Lydia. then she took her gun and put it in her boots and got her leather jacket.

" well if you excuse me I have somewhere to be meaning getting a new car. then she took of.

"did anyone notice how she was acting" Lydia said.

"yes" everyone said.

"Something is not right lets go to her room and see if we find anything". I said

when we got to her room it was full of books of the supernatural and on her bed was an open book I took it and started reading about demons. it was pieces about how a person acted when they were possessed. I read it out loud and everyone was listening.

" it makes sense." Stiles said at the same time as Lydia.

" do we know anyone that can take it away from her" Allison said.

" maybe Deaton know" Isaac said.

we all went downstairs and went to Deaton.

Maya (POV)

I can´t believe that they think that I´m possessed well I´m not I read that I was half human half angel so sorry to disappoint. I went and got my new car. I got the same car that I had before. a red mustang from 66. I then went to the hospital with food for my mom and she was great full.

" mom why didn´t you tell me that I was adopted."

" because I was afraid that I would lose you. your biological parents are dead and we found you outside our doorstep so I adopted you. i´m sorry I should have told you"

" it´s okay. you won´t stop being my mom because I'm adopted. I love you don´t worry"

" okay good love you too but I need to finish my hours I have three hours left bye sweetie."


I drove to Deaton because I knew they where there.

I went inside seeing everyone there.

" Hello everyone nice to see you again or not. Dr. Deaton can´t help you. isn´t that right Alan."

" yeah that´s right Maya. sorry"

" why" Scott said.

" we have to wait for your mother to come here so I can explain to her that it has started." Deaton said.

" what has started" Derek asked impatiently.

" you´ll find out"

my mom arrived and sat down next to Deaton.

" Melissa they think she´s possessed but we both know that it´s not what it is."

" oh no so your saying that it has started now"

" yes i´m afraid so"

"What a hell is going on mom tell me or I swear to god that..." Scott didn´t get to finish that sentence before I had pushed him up against the wall.

" don´t you dear talk to our mother like that you son of a bitch she does everything for us and you treat her like crap now sit down and wait until she is ready to tell you about what a hell is going on! got it." I said I was really mad right now and I could feel it. I let him go and sat next to Derek and he looked shocked.

" the truth is she is not possessed she is half human half angel and her powers are starting to kick in so we need to call the Winchesters. They know how to handle this." mom said.

" who are the Winchesters" Stiles said.

" they are hunters of the supernatural and they are also your sisters biological brothers." she told us and Scott.

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