chapter 8

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Maya (POV)

it had to be something off about me. I mean the blade didn´t kill me as an angel or as a human. but it should have. I need to figure this out maybe Sam or dean knows something. I have to ask them later when we get to Bobbys. I looked out the car window it had started to rain. nothing new. it rained a lot and was cold in beacon hills apart from the rest of California. I had talked to Scott before I left and told him that I never where in Italy or the rest of the world. I had been in Hell for making the deal to protect everyone. and I had learned to drift and race by Kat when she was a live. he was mad at first because I didn´t tell him. but he got over it and hoped that I got a good trip with my brothers. when I turned my head to look at the others I saw a man sitting next to me he wore a trench coat some jeans and a loose tie. his hair was a mess and his eyes where blue. it looked like he had a hangover or something.

"Hello" he said

" Hello and who might you be" I asked.

" I am Castiel you must be Maya."

"Castiel you can´t just pop in whenever you want what if she had jumped out of the car because you scared her or something" Dean said.

"I don´t think she would have done that considering what she has been through." Castiel answered Dean.

"What do you mean considering" Sam asked.

"Castiel how did you know I never told anyone except for Derek and Scott." I said.

" I am an angel of the lord I now a lot of things."

" Considering what Cas tell us" Dean said again.

" I think she should tell you when she is ready" Castiel said before he disappeared.

when we got to Bobbys I decided that I should tell them I mean they are family after all. 

"Hi you must be Maya welcome to the family"

"hi and yeah I´m Maya sense we all know who each other are I think I should tell you what Castiel meant in the car." I said

"you have met Cas" Bobby asked

"yes I have in fact he is quit the angel"

"what do you mean"

"he is quit weird and don´t know when to shut up. now sit down please so I can tell you what he meant"

they sat down and I told them about Kat the racing that I had been to Hell for making a deal to protect beacon hills and my friends. when I was done they just looked at me.

"you´ve been to hell" Sam said unbelievably

"yes and let me tell you when I got out I went right back in they really don´t like me I think sense I went there twice in less then a year." I told them.

" you are important to angels that is why they don´t like you and want you dead." Castiel said from behind me.

" What do you mean Cas" Bobby asked.

"I mean the angel blade didn´t kill you and the way you got out from hell it was weird. I have not seen anything like that."

"what do you mean by that" I asked

" you teleported yourself to that guys house and you where blinding the demons on the way out. not even I can do that" he answered.

"but how am I important" I asked him

" I wonder the same thing" Bobby Sam and dean asked.

"you are different then others your purpose is to protect everyone on this planet and in heaven. you have to kill Lucifer and that is fast"

"Why me" I asked.

"because your important to the world" then he took a grip around my arms and then we where gone.

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