what a not so peaceful day

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Kyuubi was now 4 months pregnant and was still debating on tell his and Itachi's sibling but couldn't right now as he was busy working on something.

"Hey Kyuubi" Itachi says hugging the red fox from behind "yes Itachi" Kyuubi replied looking back at his loving mate who smiled happily at him "lets go out tonight what do you think" Itachi asks as his tail wagged "sounds like a good idea" Kyuubi says and kissed the raven haired man.

They got fully dressed and left the house together as they walked side by side happily.

That was until a guy though it was funny to make a snaky line about Kyuubi that ticked him off as he stopped and turned to the guy who was still walking and topped the mans shoulder "would you like to say that to my face" Kyuubi, says as he smirked and tilted his head as the man crossed his arms "please just say sorry" Itachi says not wanting Kyuubi to get ticked which his mate was probably already was anyway.

"Ya I'll repeat it I said (insert rude comment here ;)" the man says as he crossed his arms as if he really wanted to test Itachi's mate.

Kyuubi growled he was about to do something but Itachi held him back but kicked the man in the knee cap with enough force to slightly break it than walked away with the man yelling curses at him but the Uchiha didn't care but, needless to say if that man knew who he was he wouldn't be standing there at that very moment.

"why didn't you let me fight him" Kyuubi growled as he looked at his mate who was being care to not harm him as Itachi softly put the red head down "I could bare to see my mate fight when there carrying my child" he says and kissed Kyuubi's, cheek maybe the red fox blush a bright red "s-sorry I-I didn't mean....I-I wasn't thinking" Kyuubi says as he twiddled his thumbs and looked up at Itachi but smiled softly as they soon held hands and walked on with there happy live.

This world didn't want that cause you see when they made it to an ice cream shop a small group had a disliking to how Kyuubi was asking and didn't like the way he acted around Itachi in returned he fought them and won the fight by a long shot as he may or may not have gotten Ice cream everywhere in the end.

He was laughing with Victory at first but that all changed later on when he felt eye's on his back as a shiver got up his spine as he slowly turned around to see a ticked Itachi as he picked up bride style and taken out of, the ice cream shop "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry" Kyuubi said apologies the entire time and was trying to make it up to Itachi "I promise ill be a good fox this time please for give me" Kyuubi whined as he hugged the ravens arm not wanting to let go and it also caught the attention of, others around them until the Uchiha sighed "fine I forgive" Itachi says as Kyuubi smiles and hugged his mate happily while purring softly.

"But you know Kyuubi you should be the once resting you cant fight your hurt the baby" Itachi says and poked the fox's nose earing a soft giggle "I'm sorry" Kyuubi says.

They finally settled down in a restaurant as they smiled at each other which was subway "I'll go get us a sub sandwich stay right here ok" Itachi says earning a nod from Kyuubi.

Once the raven left Kyuubi sighs and makes a promise with himself to not start anymore fights.

He wants Itachi to be happy and that's not gonna happen if he keeps fighting people so he's gonna reframe from doing so as he looked up to the ceiling as a girls face came into view and looked down at, him as she smiled "what do you want" Kyuubi says "hi I'm lily nice to meet you" she says smiling "uh hi" Kyuubi says a little confused as he sat up straight as one of his ears twitched with annoyance but still stayed perfectly blended in with his hair.

"I didn't get you name" lily says as she sat in front of him 'oh course I didn't really plan on doing so' Kyuubi thought "I don't remember my own name I forgot to ask him" Kyuubi lied "that sounds like it sucks" she says.

Kyuubi rolled his eyes as he looked up to see the lady who was supposed to be listening to what the customers order was but instead was giving Itachi this look.

Kyuubi did not like that he notice Itachi had looked over at him and motioned him over as the red head smiled and got up from his seat but the girl grabbed his wrist with triggered him as he gave her a death glare before taking his, arm away from her and happily skipped over to Itachi who wrapped an arm around his waist "ma'am we really need you to take our order" Itachi says as the woman snapped out of it "sorry sorry what can I get you" she asks as she smiled.

Time skip

Itachi and Kyuubi had the worse day ever as they sticked to each other from now on and left to a private aria so they actually spend a calming day together as they cuddled in the grass watching the sunset.

Kyuubi purred happily as he nuzzled Itachi's chest as he smiled while Itachi nuzzled Kyuubi's hair.

"I love you Kyuubi" Itachi says as he smiled "I love you to Itachi" Kyuubi purred  as they kissed in the sunset after a terrible day together.

After a while they decided to eat instant ramen at home "how was you day Itachi" Sasuke asked "terrible" "let me guess enteruptains and fights" Sasuke asked as his older brother nodded while holding Kyuubi close "I feel your pain" Sasuke says as he sighed.


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