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Sasuke's POV

Naruto has been whimpering and crying in his sleep he was hugging my pillow close his tails were curled around him his ears were pressed again his head.

He was mumbling something but I don't know what it was.

I was about to get up until one his tails had wrapped around my waist keeping me close to him I wrapped my arms around my mate again as I started to softly growl and nuzzled his hair which lucky enough calmed him down. 

But that didn't last long cause Sasukie had entered "hey Sasuke" he says scaring my poor mate as he went back to shaking and whimpering again so I looked over at my twin and glared at him causing him to yelp and run slamming the door behind him.

"Dang it Sasukie" I mumbled soon Naruto had started to move around in my arms whimpering and screaming to let him go I didn't even have hold on him but moved my arm any way from his waist as I soon started to lower my ears cause his scream was hurting them.

But after about 5 or maybe 7 minutes later his screams died down into raspy pants as he whimpered I could here him mumbling my name asking for help and hurts me cause I cant really do anything to help him even if I wanted to I can only calm him down when ever he started to panic again.

He had stopped moving which got me worried for a while but he turned about and grabbed onto my shirt then nuzzled into my neck as if he was asking for comfort so I wrapped my arms around him again pulling him close to me, to at least make him feel safe letting him know I was there for him and he was not alone I was also afraid that if I left he would either freak out and hurt him accidently or wake up and think I abandoned him so I stayed there.


I woke up to the sound of whimpering and looked down at my mate but he wasn't in my arms anymore when did he move I looked around to find Naruto pressed against the wall curled up in his tails shaking.

I got up to look at him but his stomach soon started to growl he must be hungry

Getting out of bed and heading for the door a soft sound of 'please don't go' had reached my ears as I turned to see Naruto had finally awoken but that's not what made my blood run cold it was the fact of how dull and lifeless Naruto's eye's had became his ears were pressed against his head and his tails all wrapped around him while he was looking at me

I took a step forward casious so I wouldn't scare him but since he didn't respond I guessed he was ok with me going over to him so that's what I did I sat on the bed and opened my arms wide allowing him to fall right into them so I could hold him close to me.

I made a small smile I was cradling him in my arms.

After sometime of holding him in my arms realization hits me in the face life a brick when I had just realized I can use sharingan to look into his mind and dreams.

But I had to be careful with using it thought and I only really have a time minute of 1minute.

I laid Naruto on to my pillow and sigh softly while looking down at him sleeping soundly he's been doing a lot of sleeping but when ever he wakes up he look's like he hasn't slept in a long time which worries me more than anything, his dreams or nightmares in this case must be draining him of his actual sleep.

I close my eyes and let out a deep breath "Sharingan" I say.

(trigger warning so strong audience might either A. be super ticked or B. cry read at own risk thank you)


I came to a big house that looked like Naruto's old house that he used to be in before I took him in forever.

I knocked on the door and lowered my ears to avoide suspition my tail was already hidden anyway to that's a plus I guess then the door opened to reveal the very person that I thought I had killed "hello sasuke what brings you here" he asks ,mirking "just a visit is all" I said looking at him as he nodded and stepped out the way to let me in.

"So you here for the blond fox right" he asks and I nodded my head to see he smirk and started walking down the hall showing me the way then that's when I knew something was up when I started to smell blood and tears "here's his room I be back later I'm gonna make some tea" he says while walking away as I hesitated to open the door to see what I was going to fine on the other side of this door but all I know it was not going to be a good thing.

But I cant just waist my time on hesitating right now I'm running out of time I opened the door and my fears were answered right in front of me was Naruto chained to a wall beaten up and bloodied as he flinched when ever I took a step forward  and looked up at me with wide eye's that showed nothing but pure fear. That look was the one look I never wanted to ever see on his cute little face "Naruto" I said softly but he only pushed himself to the wall "please leave me alone" he says scared I need him to calm down "Naruto" I said calmly but he only whimpered "Naru listen" I said walking closer to him only hearing whimpering from the blond fox as I kneeled down in front of him and cupped his cheek with my hand wiping the tear from his cheek "listen I'm not gonna hurt you.......I'm here to save you even if I don't have much time left" I said softly then he looked at me with surprise.

"y-you don't hate me" he asked and I shook my head "no I love you.....I'm here to stop your nightmares and rescue you from this hell hole ok"  I said and kissed his tears away.

He nodded softly while looking up at me " are you going to help me" he asks "i'm going to come back and break you free no matter what cause alright" I said "o-ok" he says though he was still shaking I kissed his forehead "i'm sorry but I need to go now" I said but soon he looked terrified "what no please don't go" he begged while whimpering loudly "I'm sorry I'm still gonna be with you though" I said while smiling as I began to vanish but he didn't want that though.

"I promise to come back Naru" I said smiling softly.


(your safe now don't worry)

I winced in pain as I covered my left eye my ears lowered my ears then looked up at my sleeping mate as I pulled my hand away to see blood and sighed so I got up and left to my bathroom as I closed my eye to gently wipe the blood away from it. 

Once Cleaned I went back into my own room and stopped "Naruto....." 

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