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Kiba's POV

it was night now we were all tired out literally you have no idea what we had to do today.

Doing so much is a pain in the back so we all went to our cabins for the night until all of a sudden the door was closed on akamru leaving him out side I tried to open the door but it was stuck what the heck is going on here turning around I meet face to face with shino and to tell the truth that scared me a lot "the door seems Jamed I tried opening it but when you walked in it closed" he says "ya right now help me open this door" I said trying to pull it open shino helped out to sort of he was just standing there "come on" I said as he wrapped his hands around mine as we both started pulling.

"This isn't working I guess you were right about the the who door being Jamed thing" I said as shino nodded and summed his bugs as they helped out.

He gripped the door nob as his bugs were freed from the door to alow him to open it he must really love his bugs akamaru ran in side "don't worry buddy I'm ok" I said patting his head "be care next time you kicked the door stump off" shino says as I rolled my eyes while he placed something in front of the opened door.

Laying in my bed I looked over at him as he was already asleep that's insane never new people could sleep that fast.

I looked at akamaru who wimpered and laid down beside as we felt asleep.

Next morning

Shino was gone wonder why getting out of bed I went out side the cabin I was in everyone seemed fine though I think some were still sleeping while others were talking and having fun I was in my pajamas still but I don't care.

Sakura and ino were in deep conversation. Turning around I walked back inside the to get dressed and was once agian jumpscared by shino who apeared out of no where agian "dude you need to stop doing that"  I growled "sorry" was all he said jerk.

I went out fully dresses and akamaru was following behind me "hey kiba" some yelled out my name as I turned around to see naruto he was on his oh well someone's back "hey naruto what's up" I said smiling as he smiled back at me "nothing really so how was your morning" he asked "is you count being scared by shino than I guess it was good" I said "ya I know what you mean I don't understand were he comes from" naruto says.

After a while or talking I went to walk akamaru to the bathroom as we staid in the camps sight I let him Rome for a bit but not to far though I don't want him to get lost or taken away from me.

Turning around I bumped into someone as I backed up "sor-ah" I said this is the freaking third time oh my god "shino stop doing that" I growled he was really ticking me off "sorry" he says as he continued walking before crowching down on the ground as he watched a ladybug walking on a leaf this dude is crazy.

Akamaru made it back by my side as we left back to the camp together.


Everyone was hiking today like literally we needed to stay with our partners at all times so we wouldn't get lost.

But unfortunatly getting jumpscared by sakura and ino isn't safe if your hiking up a cliff which is why I'm now falling I hate you both sakura and ino.

But I wasn't the only one akamaru was also falling same with..........shino

Looking around more "u-uh shino" I said "don't worry" was all he said as I started to slow down from falling as I was now flitting same with akamaru even shino this is so cool I looked at him as he had his hand out to me I didn't know what he ment as all so I guess I'll high five him but instead he held me hand what.....the.....heck......

"Dude what are you doing" I said trying to pill my hand but he wasn't gonna let go anytime soon so oh freaking well I'm stuck great.

Akamaru tilted his head to the side showing just how confused he was but we soon went back to the same place from were we fell and landed softly "let's go" he says and started walking pulling me with him so I was forced to follow him this jerk akamaru didn't seem to like what shino was doing we were still far from the group but he stopped and whispered something, "what did you say" I asked.

Soon he turned around as he pulled down his turtle neck I think it was called as what he did next surprised me.

I felt something against my mouth until I was then pulled to follow him again.

Akamaru just stands there before following.

Once back at the campus we were all having fun and singing campfire songs.

I was talking to Naruto about what happened to me and how me shino and akamaru were floting in the air and how amazing it was to fly for the first time and how shino all of a sudden just held my hand and never let'd go of it...









Shino just KISSED me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I froze got up and went to the cabin akamaru shook his head as his he was dissapointed at me for just now relizing this.

Walking into the cabin where shin on was he was reading a book about all types of bugs I don't know why he does that but as soon as I entered he looked at me causing me to blush but he just stared at me.

"...Ilove you....."

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