Can I trust him?

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Naruto's POV

It was already next morning as I smelled something berries....I wonder.....

I moved slightly to find the smell as I popped my head out and sniffed around until my muzzled met with the soft fur of a raven wolf in front of me causing me to let out a small yippee and went back into the bag.

I think I woke him up I didn't really mean to this is so scary why did I make a sound.

Popping my head out again I see that I did in fact wake up the wolf in front of me as he yawned while getting up and stretched out his legs for a bit.

I watched silently but he started to move his muzzle over to the bag were I was in as he got closer I backed up and hid behind the other layer of clothing but that was taken away but he never sticked his muzzle back inside the bag so I decided, to see what was going on only to see him turn into his human form with all his beautiful glory.

He got dressed than put his hand in the bag grabbing the flash light that was still on and turned it off to save battery.

I started to miss his scent I was heavenly but should I really trust this guy I don't know.

I saw him look at the bag again as we made eye contact but I went back to hiding in his bag only to hear a sigh from the man making me feel really bad stupid guy no I feel guilty.

"hey Sasuke we should start heading out" someone yelled making a echo in the cave which was really loud  "alright" the guy I assume to be Sasuke said as the bag started to move around cause my to move around a bit just for the sake of, balance and not getting hurt but the guys scent was all over the bag and I felt so safe with in it especially with the sound of a soft heart beat which was also soothing.

I find it really strange on how I'm able to even feel so safe when with master I felt really scared and unsafe.

I decided to fall asleep after a while...........


I woke up later on upside down on my back but I felt no movement except for slightly rocking softly which made it more comforting.

After a while the swaying completely stopped as I was now fully away but the bag began moving again I guess I'm being put back down though I decided to slightly poke my head out for just a bit as I see the other raven who, looked like this one but with a different personality he didn't seem so happy though.

Soon gravity once again took it's course as I was moved around roughly feeling a pair of arms wrap around me and the male "get off sakura" someone yelled as the arms were now off me.

"aww but Sasuke-kun I was so worried that you got hurt" a female voice says so I'm gonna assume that's talking.

"oh what ever if you really cared you wouldn't off tried hurting my friends so much now me and Sasukie need to hurry up back home" the person who I think is that his really name if so what in the world.

"so you found what you were looking for can I see" the female named sakura says happily "I couldn't find it I'm heading back to make sure I got the right information" Sasuke-kun says.

"can me and ino go with you" sakura asks or more like demanded it sounded like.

"NO!....I mean no me and Sasuke aren't allowed to have visitors at our house" I think the other guy was talking "aww how come Sasukie" another female says oh my god so many voices and not a single face to see but I gotta stay quiet cause what, if they try something "sorry Ino no mean no" the person who I'm now assuming is Sasukie spoke.

I didn't want to be noticed by the new people so I stayed super still as my nine tails were curled around me as I was now  in my small fox form.

Than the bag started moving again "anyway who's hungry" the other guy says than the two females started squealing so I cover my ears.


We were now eating.

I got to eat fish that the man was sneaking me so I wouldn't starve though I peaked out of the bag a little to see the other guy eating fish though his hand was in his book bag.

These guys are so nice why am I being so judge mental about this maybe I met these guys before and something bad happened between us I don't know.

Once we were done eating I started to have the need to stretch my legs out but the bag began moving "I'll be back alright" someone says than soon as the bag kept moving for maybe a couple of minutes or so I turned, human and poked my head out "you wanna get out" the guy says as I nodded as I had my ear lowered while he put the bag down  so I crawled out but I couldn't get used to how the ground until I decided to just take a deep breath and just hop out the bag "here put this one" he says as I turned, around and he put his shirt on top of me as I squeaked.

The grass tickled my feet as I let out a small giggle while his shirt was to big for me since I looked like a 6year old but I started to stretch "keep your tails hidden ok" he says softly as I nodded softly as my tails went under the shirt.

He allowed me to walk around a bit and gave me some privacy so I could do my business but got scared when I heard a branch snap so I bolted back to his side to were he was I wanted to be back inside the bag really soon.

Though as he kneeled down I keep asking myself can I trust this man.....


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