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finding out

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Once at Naruto and menma house they walked in. The very first thing menma did was search the house not seeing kyuubi he went to the living were Naruto Sasuke and sasukie were.

"OK then" Naruto says taking out his scrap book and menma did the same.

Sasuke and sasukie also took out there scrap books to.

"Long ago when I was small I met this guy who I would call master at times....he found me in an ally way down town and took me home though I didn't trust him at first but I warmed up to him" Naruto says as he looked at Sasuke and sasukie "we did lots of fun things together and only did I ever trust him only I remembered his face but never his name though" Naruto says again.

"I was found on a rainy day I was drowning in mud until a man saved me I didn't trust him what so ever not one but until I found Naruto and began to warm up to the man and I think he had a little brother" menma says "Ya he did" Naruto says smiling.

Sasuke and sasukie looked at each other before the door opened "Naruto menma I'm home" some says as they walked into the living room as Naruto and menma freaked " kyuubi" they both said as the red head froze lowered his ears and hid his 9 tails behind him.

"You know we don't care you guys seemed stiffed anyway" Sasuke says shrugged as kyuubi sighed "how do we know your not lieing" kyuubi asks.

"Casue we had kitsunes that we most like found I have no clue where itachi found one kitsune but the other which I called kitten was in an ally way down town" Sasuke says shrugging while the three looked at him.

"It's true we never leave home with house a picture or if not just one picture or who scrap book" sasukie said as he picked up his scrap book and went over to  kyuubi and handed him the scrap book.

The red fox looked threw it before stopping "do you know we're itachi is" kyuubi asks curiously as he totally forgot to hide his tails and ears "Ya he's at work right now" Sasuke says shrugging.

Naruto went into thinking mode as he soon looked at Sasuke as he quickly got up and pounced in the uchiha as he purred "Naruto what the heck got into you" Sasuke says as he growled In a warning tone "num num" Naruto sqeaked as Sasuke looker at Naruto ashe Hat completely flew off  as his ears showed "kitten" Sasuke whispers as Naruto nods smiling happily before hugging Sasuke again and Sasuke emediatly hugged back, while menma looked at sasukie he poked the guys face before being tickled to death wagging his 9 tails.

Sasuke phone soon ringed as one of Naruto tails picked it up and everyone got silent as Sasuke answer.

"Hello" Sasuke says

"Heh Sasuke where are you and your brother when I got home you guys w weren't there"

"Oh his itachi I'm at a friends house but anyway I got someone who you would love to see I'm bring them over"

"Didn't you clearly......"

"I found them don't worry OK see you later bye" Sasuke Say turning his phone off.

"Let's go kyuubi my brothers home" Sasuke says as he got Naruto off him.

Kyuubi smiled as he  quickly hid his ears and tails and looked at the uchiha in front of him.

Sasuke looked at Naruto and menma who were also finished hiding there ears and tails as the 5 went out the house with Sasuke and saaukie leading the way.

Once the secretly making it home sasukie opened the door "were home" sasukie yelled out smiling as someone ran out of the hallway "there you guys were" itachi says as he sighed "yup" sasuke says as he walks in with Naruto, menma, and kyuubi behind him but then as soon as itachi and kyuubi made eye contact they both froze as sasuke closed, the door behind them.

Leaving the two alone at the front door.

Doing so kyuubi looked up at itachi as he walked closers to the Uchiha while itachi just looked at him "it's been forever since I last saw you" kyuubi says as a smile slowly stretched across his face in a small smiled as he then went over to hug the Uchiha who hugged back "I missed you so much itachi" kyuubi says while itachi nods in agreement as, the two looked at each other.

Sasukie looked at menma as  he ran his fingers threw the kitsune hair "I missed you menma" Sasukie says "I missed you to Sasukie even the...cuddles we shared at night" Menma days as he whispered the last part in Sasukie ear cause the Uchiha to blush.

Sasuke looked at Naruto who had a light blush on his face as he sighed "m-master I've missed you so much" he says as everyone on the living room went quiet even kyuubi and itachi looked to see what was going on while Sasuke was surprised by this "huh" was his only replied before being hugged by Naruto, while Sasukie smirked a devilish smirk as he looked at the two "master huh sasuke" sasukie teased "shut up" sasuke growled.

While the two looked at each other  as they watched sasuke and sasukie argue.

"Master did I do something wrong" naruto says as he looked at sasuke "stop calling me master" sasuke says as he looked at naruto but sighed "your such a dobe" he says again ad ruffled the kitsune hair "kitten".

Naruto looked at sasuke as he smiled happily and leaned into sasuke's touch wagging his 9 tails happily.

With itachi and kyuubi they were cuddling each other while on itachi bed smiling at each other happily "I missed you" kyuubi says "I missed you to" itachi replied happily hugging kyuubi as the two shared a sweet kiss whole holding each other's hand. Chu~


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