cuddle time

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Naruto's POV

After the accident during the trip to the store me and sasuke put the groceries away as he left to do something in his room while I laid on the couch watching something on TV well was until a storm came in why me cause :

1. I don't like the dark
2. I don't like rain storms
3. I don't like thunder

So I was just about to get up until I heard foot steps as I jumped and looked into the black void of the hall way door as I light was shined in my face "there you are naruto" that voice sounded very familiar "sasuke" I said as he went over to sat down beside me as I went over to him that's when I noticed he was wrapped in a blanket and I decided to join him, while wagging my 9 tails as he patted me "hey its OK naruto I'm here for you" sasuke says "thanks sasuke" I said while purring lightly as I snuggled up to him him happily as he petted my head and rubbed my ears causing my to purr louder.

I know it's embarrassing but I can't help it I stopped purring as he removed his hand from my head awww come on but I noticed foot steps coming done the hall as we looked only to see it was sasukie and menma "hey you two big storm today huh" sasukie says as he smiled and sat down while menma sat down on his lap.

I looked at sasuke than at sasukie "what do ya want" I asked I was sitting beside sasuke while wagging my tails softly "nothing just checking in on you two" menma asked "were not doing anything but on your records you two have been doing something" sasuke says looking at sasukie and menma "what do you mean by that" menma says.

"What sasuke means is that you two already broke the rules  of not doing anything unessasery" I says crossing my arms know me and sasuke kinda broke a rule cause we kissed wait are we allowed to do that I'm so confused right now.

"You guys have no proof" "I have cleaning duty today so you guys are cough red handed" sasuke says as the room lit up before going back dark again OK I'm shaking right now as it thundered loudly I'm not a survivor.

Sasuke softly rubbed my back to calm me down "why are you being so cozy with naruto than" sasukie says "cause his brother cares more about his boyfriend than his own brother who clearing have panic attacks" sasuke says glaring at his twin.

I just turned into a fox and snuggled up to the covers and sasuke as I laid down on my paws.

Sasuke starter to pet me softly as I wagged my tails softly under the blanket.

"You two are hiding something from us and we intend to find out "we have nothing to hid" sasuke says actually he's right about that we really don't do anything except cuddle, bath together, go to bed to get her I guess nothing out of the ordanary cause were doing the same thing for when I was tiny.

Wait the kiss except for the kiss that's put of the ordanary wait are we dating.

I was brought out of my thoughts as sasuke started petting me again gaining my attention "we do that same things everyday and we got each other's backs" sasuke says as I gave a small bark before turning back just because of the darn thunder dang it I really hate storms if the lights were still working I would of been a blushing mess I curled into the blanket as sasuke seemed OK with it allowing me to hide my face in embarrassment "i-ill be right back" I said getting off the couch and ran into a random room as I relized I was completely alone in the dark by myself, nope I ran back and peeked the corner and saw menma with a flash light let's go "thanks menma" I said as I looked at him but soon I just checked the corner and noticed that there was another menma sitting on the couch near sasukie.

OK I'm done I'm freaking terrified so flip this I just ran into the freaking couch literally ran into the couch it hurt and not hurt at the same time how I just don't know.

"Naruto are you ok" I head sasuke ask as I looked at him "y-ya I'm fine just got a little scared no harm done" I said reliving that it was menma in the hall way was a shadow clone I feel very embarrassed with my self so I went back and walked into me and my twins room see the shadow clone had his arms crossed while holding the flash light "hurry and get dressed" he says which I did, and ran back to we sasuke and the others were as I snuggled up to sasuke but I noticed sasuke had picked me up I was confused to why but when I looked over his shoulder they were more than just cuddling so we left instly and cuddled in sasuke's room as sasuke petted my head softly while i just purred happily and wagged all 9 of my tails.

"You do know itachi and kyuubi come back in 2 days right" sasuke says as I nodded "were gonna ruin there life" I said while smiling at him he just smirked pride full jerk.

But after talking about random things and skipping topics on what happened in the forest me and sasuke went to sleep together I didn't have a single nightmare that one night during the thunder storm I got to sleep peacefully for one in my life or the days I've been having them I'm actually Pretty happy I have no more nightmares, so I can sleep happily and soundly with my sasuke.


I tried to make it super cute.

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