Almost back to normal

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Sasuke's POV

We were finally able to actually live together agian at the Uchiha residence though menma found out why he was so scared of sasukie but was slowly getting used to being around him again.

Naruto finally started to sleep with me instead of kyuubi and Menma.

They were also back to there normal sizes but there voices havent returned yet and still acted as if they had to wait for us to command them to do something this is gonna be a long week to deel with and sasukie was still, ticked about his mate being rapped you have no idea how many times i had caught him trying to sneak out the house at night or mumble a bunch of revenge but we got our revenge he's in a coma sasukie needs to chill.

I felt a pair of eyes stairing at the back of my head so i turned around only to see naruto turn his head to the side like he wasnt doing anything I was about to start asking questions but let it go this happened 15 times and i was getting mad.

"Is there something you need" I asked as my ear twitched showing a bit of annoyance "no" naruto says as i got up and looked down at him as his 9 tails drooped to the floor "is something bothering you" I asked and he just shook his head, no there is something wrong why wont he tell me "there is defenetly something wrong so tell me" I said as my ear twitched agian "w-well i-i was just w-w-wondering i-if you were g-gonnna com-command me to do so-something" naruto stuttered as his ears lowered.

"no I not gonna do that i told you 20 times that you were allowed to do what ever you wanted i dont need to tell you to do anything.....maybe" I said though mumbling the last part cause i know how lazy this dobe can be in the morning, oh and i just now relized i stopped calling him dobe and started calling him kitten or naru wow ive changed i wonger if anyone noticed that change.

"mast.....sasuke" Naruto says gaining my attintion as he looked up at me shyly "ya what is it" I said backing away from him to give him some space "c-can we g-go to the p-pa-park together" Naruto asks looking at the ground.

Until i touched his head and started petting him "sure kitten let me just get ready for a bit" I said 'oh my god he's blushing he's being so cute right now were is my freaking camera' i thought before i was taken out of my trance when my room door opened as low and behold my older brother Itachi, walked in "sasuke your incharge for 3months until me and kyuubi come back from a secret mission" Itachi says as i was confused cause his calender didnt say an....wait i know what he means by this.

I rolled my eyes "alright what ever you say" I said as he nodded and left Kyuubi following in a bit of a hurry and with this look in his eyes as he followed Itachi around the house for a bit before they actually left.

I nocked on the door before opening it seeing Menma on top of Sasukie as I just face palmed "guys not now  Itachi put me in charge so no funny business ok" I said as Menma was blushing a deep scarlet and Sasukie was also blushing before I left.

I soon felt a soft tug on my tail as I looked behind me at Naruto "u-um Sasuke are we gonna be able to go to the park" he asked kindly he was being very cute and its my job to keep my self under control a lot harder.

"yes we will" I said and went into my room as he followed behind me while I got out some clothes "what are you doing" I asked looking back at him as he blushed and started to play with his tail a little bit while blushing softly "u-well u-um..." he was than off with just though few words.

I was slightly worried....scratch that very worried about what's going on with him but I wasn't gonna ask him now probably late on in the day while walking threw the park so I started to change clothes so I could be ready to actually be outside until my phone ringed so I answered it "hello"

"hello Sasuke"

"oh hey Gaara something up"

"no it's just....listen keep this a secret between us alright"

"sure thing now what is it"

"I think I'm gay and that my mate is probably lee"

I froze I was not expecting that at all what a huge surprise like wow.

But soon my bedroom door opened as I turned around to see Naruto who was now a blushing mess this little kitten is gonna be jumped on if he doesn't stop this "sorry I didn't know if you were don't or not" Naruto says but I only went over to him and rubbed his head.

"I gotta go talk to you later...alright bye" I hung up the phone and looked down at the kitsune in front of me as I leaned down and kissed his forehead and he became extremely flustered and stammer crazily like a boy who just met there favorite, idol for the first time so I'm guessing I'm gonna have to wait a little longer until he feels comfortable around me enough so I can finally kiss him fully cause I miss the taste of his mouth on mine he is seriously my drug right now.

For get all those other drugs that are in the world I have him all to my self and I hope it stays that why.

I walked over to my bed and picked us my shirt and started to put it on than hid my ears and tail though during the process I could feel my mates eyes staring at my back the whole time.


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