Ark: Volume 2 Chapter 2

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'Found it!'

He saw the cave entrance through the overgrown forest.

When he received the quest in Lancel, the location was displayed on his map. It wasn't far from the village. Ark left Lancel after organizing his bags and arrived at the destination in only an hour. Two Gnolls were standing guard at the entrance of the cave. They were slightly different from the Gnolls he had hunted until now as they were wearing shabby leather armor. It was likely they were about 1 or 2 levels higher than him. But he had hunted Gnolls until he was sick of it. Though their levels were slightly higher, they weren't a match for Ark.

"Grrrr, isn't there some kind of smell?"

"Sniff, sniff. I was thinking the same thing."

"It smells like a human... Are there still humans lingering nearby?"

"Let's catch him and make him into a sacrifice."

Perhaps because they had dog heads, Gnolls had a keen sense of smell.

The Gnolls raised their spears and, with their noses quivering, approached Ark's location.

At that moment, Ark jumped out from behind the bushes.

"You bitches are the sacrifice. Bat, go!"

Bat shot towards the Gnolls like an arrow that had been loosed from a bow. With a pa-thumpsound, the Gnoll who had been struck on the bridge of its nose tumbled to the ground. The other Gnoll was alarmed and thrust its spear towards Bat.

But the Bat who had his summon cancelled and then recast was already sitting on Ark's shoulder.

"Eyes of the Cat! There isn't time. We're going with plan A!"

Ark, Skull, and Bat sprang forward in a flash and concentrated their attack on the stumbling Gnoll.

They had become familiar with Gnolls through battles, so predicting their movements was easy.

Even before the Gnoll moved, Ark made evasive movements and let loose a chain of sword attacks. As a critical hit and co-op attack bonus erupted in succession, the Gnoll died before it was able to properly thrust its spear even once.

The Gnoll staggered and charged in, but instead it received several counterattacks, lost 80 percent of its health, and ran away terrified. The Gnoll was consumed by fear and ran away frightened. But Bat rushed forward to block its path, and when Skull tore into its leg, it fell to the ground again.

Double critical chance!


The Gnoll received a strike to the heart and disappeared with a moan.

As the Gnoll disappeared it dropped a leather.

"Huhuhu, it's too easy, and this is 20 Silvers a piece?"

A smile spread across Ark's lips as he held on to two pieces of leather.

20 Silver a piece, so it was an item worth 2,000 Won (~$2). He was literally picking up bills that had fallen to the ground, how could he not be happy.

"Master, those eyes are creepy."

"Shut up, what do you know? One of these leathers can become a full sushi roll! That's an entire meal."

"Sushi roll? What's that?"

"It's nothing. Cut the small talk and do the recon well," Ark snorted as he entered the cave.

When he stepped foot in the cave, an information window popped up with a booming roar.

Ghastly Snake Lair

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