Ark: Volume 4 Chapter 6

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The Lawless city of Kairote

“Draconian clan?”

Shannen from the Magic Institute asked in surprise after hearing your report.

“Yes, it looked like it was a lizard-like species”

“I never thought the Draconian clan would be involved with the Heartsoul Bead.  However if he used mimicry he might have been able to steal the Heartsoul Bead. ”

“What kind of species is the Draconian anyway?”

“They are … … …No, it’s not. It’s still too early to come to conclusions when you are still unsure.  I’m sorry but for the moment can you keep quiet about the Draconian’ involvement “.

“That’s not a difficult job but ……..”

Actually he had no interest in the lizard.

“The problem is the Heartsoul Bead.”

Shannen began to talk with a serious expression.

“I was never sure what those who stole the Heartsoul Bead knew about it.  But based on your story, they seem to have a purpose for stealing the Heartsoul Bead.  If so, I’m afraid the problem is more serious than I thought”

“There are a lot of ways it can be misused.”

Shannen reached out his sweaty palms and grasped Ark’s hands.

“Please. You’re the only one I can rely on. The Merchant Guild and Warrior Guild have already begun to suspect the situation.  We have no way to chase after the Red Man because if caught the Magic Institute’s position in society will be damaged.  In addition, the protection around the relic has been damaged therefore the situation is unknown. ”

“I see what you’re saying.”

Ark nodded and replied.

“I never thought about abandoning a task once I have started it.  Fortunately, the cartographer gave me a clue to the whereabouts of the Red Man so before it is too late I will find the Heartsoul Bead. ”

The reason for Ark was of course the reward.

From Shannen’s reaction to the quest he could smell the scent of money.

It could be a huge disaster if the situation is prolonged? If you resolve such a problem then it would be extremely profitable.

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