Ark: Volume 2 Chapter 7

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Battle of Grey Ridge

"Do you know you've committed a sin worthy of death?"

"Yes, I've really reflected a lot on it. Something was wrong with my head when I suddenly rose to success after spending my earlier days so deprived. If you would just give me one more chance..."

"And to whom do you owe your success to?"

"Of course, it's thanks to Master. I was impudent without knowing your grace."

Dedric shed large drops of tears.

'Look at the rascal.' Ark laughed to himself.

Ark had lived while unwillingly receiving affected sympathy from many people. Thanks to that, he gained an unwelcome ability; by simply looking at the other person's eyes, he could tell if the words coming from their mouth were sincere or not.

Dedric's words were not sincere.

He was just an NPC, but he knew how to cunningly trick someone.

'It seems I shouldn't have thoughtlessly evolved him.'

Bat also had a bad personality, but he wasn't cunning. After evolving into Dedric, he learned how to be crafty. It meant ego also increases with each evolution. He wasn't sincere, but it seemed Dedric had yielded this time. However, there was no guarantee it would be this easy if it happens again.

Skull was the same. Though it was a faithful Familiar now, there was no way of telling how it would change when it evolved.

'Summons are also intelligent beings.'

This incident changed how Ark viewed his Familiars.

Each Familiar had a different personality. Even so, Ark tried to treat the Familiars equally. He didn't favor one and neglect the others. That was the problem.

'Seems like I have to use control; the carrot and stick approach."

Just as there are fellows who do better if you praise them, there are those who get cocky. In addition, there are those who perform properly only with the use of violence and threats.

Granted, even a good medicine can be counterproductive if overdosed, he would need to regulate it.

This was why Ark had beaten Dedric to the point where it seemed overboard. Even the highly loyal Skull or Snake might change personalities one day. To prepare for that day, he set an example with Dedric. In other words, Dedric had been severely punished because he was unfortunately chosen to set an example.

'Whew, it isn't easy taking care of 3 Familiars. I think I can finally understand how hard it is for teachers who have to teach dozens.'

"Alright, since you contributed, I'll forgive you this time as promised."
"Ahh! Thank you, Master."

"Repeat after me, vow one!"
"What?" Dedric tilted his head but quickly raised his hand when Ark pierced him with a glare.

"Vow one!"
"I will always obey Master no matter the situation. I will always serve him with a smiling face, fight when told to fight, and die when told to die. My life and death only belong to Master."

"Vow two!"
"I will gratefully accept and eat the food given by Master. Also, I will never complain."

"Vow three!"
"If I cannot follow the previous two vows, I will soundly receive some form of punishment."

Dedric's face paled at the continuing Familiar doctrine.

"You've memorized it all, right?"

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