Arc: Volume 3 Chapter 6

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Lord of Darkness, Valderas

Move the cannon, aim, and FIRE!

When the black fireball hits its mark, it crushes the annoying monsters crawling around in an instant as it scatters them. Since it has a long range as well, even the monsters that looked like specks, far into the distance, were no problem.

Should he say that it felt like he was playing an FPS (First Person Shooter) game? His stress and fatigue flew away in an instant.

When he saw the message that 5 contribution points and EXP were added per monster, he had thought it was trifling, but he could fire the scorch cannon ten times in 30 minutes. The monsters destroyed in just one shot would range from a minimum of dozens to over a hundred, so his contribution points and experience went up like crazy. With 2 from killing Narak and 1 from the the sub-quest, Ark had gone up 3 levels and was now level 75. Shambala also leveled up similarly, while the low-leveled JusticeMan, Roco, and the other Militia went up by at least 5 levels.

Had the level 30 players ever leveled up this astonishingly fast? The Militia were touched so deeply that they couldn't get over it for awhile. Ark's contribution points also went up from 9,000 to 18,000 in the blink of an eye.

– Ark's current contribution is 18,560. You are in 21st place.

'My ranking went up by 40 in an instant!'

He had finally started catching up to the players in Platoon 1. Alan was still leading the contribution ranking, however, the difference that had been 4 times as great had shrunken to 2 times. It felt like the fog had cleared, allowing him to glimpse the summit of the mountain at last.

'I don't know if I can beat Alan, but I might be able to get into the top 10.'

"You've worked hard. Rest a while."

Having reached the castle, Ark dismissed Group B and was heading to the Lord's Castle to report the result. However, while passing the square, he heard a ruckus off to the side. Turning his head, he saw the players from Group A, who had failed the operation and returned to gather there. Unlike when they had confidently departed, everyone was surrounding and glaring at Alan, Andel, and the rest of Platoon 1. He happened to meet them just as he was curiously thinking about what happened to Group A. Ark pushed through the crowd to survey the situation.

"If you've got a mouth, say something," snapped a Warrior.

"Just how are you going to take responsibility for this?"

"How is this my responsibility?"


"I never carried out the operation arbitrarily. I always went forward while discussing it with the leaders of Platoons 2 and 3. Don't you think you're forcing it a bit by putting the blame for failure only on me?"

Alan held his head high and answered with an arrogant expression. The gathered users argued as though they couldn't believe their ears.

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