Ark: Volume 4 Chapter 5

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The Red Man


There was a deafening honk.

Following Sarah, we reached the Brown rock area within 30 minutes.

Ark’s party reached the bottom of a waterfall pouring down from distant heights.  It was an area of darkened stone around Giran; with such excessive heights that Ark had never even been there.  They took a break to view the stunning scenery but some of the view was blocked by the ruins.

While Ark was looking around, Sarah pointed to one side.  At the back of the falls was a small space that one person might be able to pass through.

When just looking at it straight on, the mist from the water makes the passage impossible to see.

Sarah thrust a hand in and showed that the space was larger than it seems. Inside the entrance a bunch of moss was attached to it.

[Unidentified thieves hideoutInside the Brown Rocky area are ruins that have been abandoned a long time ago.It looks like one of the places that are often abandoned. However, traces of people can be found at several different locations.This remains clear that a dangerous group are hiding somewhere within the ruins. If you are going to explore the ruins, proceed with extreme caution.]-You have found an undiscovered dungeon. As a new discover, you can gain an additional 700 experience and 30 Fame if you register in the Hall of Fame.  Would you like to register?

Ark obviously refused registration and entered.

” This place was a hidden dungeon!’

He’s come to the front of the falls before but never found a dungeon.

It was hidden in a place that people wouldn’t have imagined.

Of course, this was not the only dungeon.  So far, Ark has been in numerous areas with hidden dungeons.

‘When I first started the game, I would have missed them …….. ‘

When Ark first entered New World, he wasn’t interested in everything.

He would overlook a suspicious forest or rock.  Even a waterfall suddenly appeared in a rocky area then he would’ve just ignored it.

It is a long game, if you only relied on information that was already discovered that you would be unable to proceed much further.

This was caused by the excessive need to level up.

”But in New World there is a lot of information that is yet unknown.

And that is what you have to figure out by yourself.  In the future, I should pay more attention to my surroundings.’

Finishing his self-criticism, Ark turned to Sid and said.

“SId please set up camp here and wait patiently with Sarah.”

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