Ark: Volume 2 Chapter 8

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Giran, a Merchant's Battlefield

Hammer of Merciless Destruction (Magic)

Weapon Type

One-Handed Hammer

Attack Damage






Usage Restriction

More than 180 Strength

A hammer with a sharp, steel-forged edge, it is difficult to deal with the massive weight, but the power is outstanding. It boasts power mighty enough to reduce decent armor to scrap.

Option: +10% Armor destruction, 150% more damage to Undead.

Spirit of Separation (Magic)

Defense Type

Steel Helmet







Usage Restriction

More than 200 Strength

A helmet with overlapping layers of thin steel and specially made magic-resistant gold plate in between. Boasting strong defense, it has the effect of protecting the mind from mind-related magic.

Option: Mind-related Magic Resistance +30%.
Penalty: Agility -10, no penalty if used by a Combat related profession.

Magic Scroll 'Lie'

Usage Restriction: Intelligence +60

Scroll made a long time ago by a notorious Rogue Magician, when used, one can change their information for other people to see at will. Can even fool NPCs of their alignment, level, stats, and profession. However, level can only be adjusted to within the range of 10 levels of actual level.

1 hour duration. Single use item.

Magic Scroll 'Robbery'

Usage Restriction: Intelligence +60

Scroll with the ability of a notorious Pirate from a long ago. When used, one can designate an item from a user's bag. While the scroll is in effect, killing the opponent will have a 100% drop rate of designated item. Duplicated items are treated as one item. Note, an equipped item cannot be designated. Effect disappears if the caster dies.

1 hour duration, single use item.

The items Leo and Hargen had dropped were very useful, but Ark's attention was drawn to the scrolls.

'There were scrolls such as these?'

For a user who planned and chose to be Chaotic, wasn't this the best item?! Only then did Ark roughly understand the situation.

The reason why chaotic players like Leo and Hargen were able to enter the village, and why Sid, who even checked their information, didn't know their identity. It was because of the scroll 'Lie.' Also Sid's terror was because of the scroll 'Robbery'. Since Leo used the scroll, he would have dropped all his silk if Sid had died. If he'd lost the silk he bought by investing his whole fortune, there'd be no hope for Sid. He could only declare bankruptcy.

'If I died to Hargen, I would have lost all my pearls.'

Belatedly, just thinking about it caused cold sweat to trickle.

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