Ark: Volume 3 Chapter 4

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Holy Knight Alan

"Phew, I'm tired."

Hyun-woo dragged his tired body back home. With the start of the event quest, he had stayed up for two days. Other players were able to leave their characters, and occasionally rest when the monsters' attacks slowed down, but Hyun-woo couldn't afford such luxury.

Even when there wasn't any fighting, he had care for the sick patients in the shelter. Although they had regained their vitality with the success of his miraculous treatment, the disease hadn't been fully cured. For Hyun-woo, who regretted missing out on even 1 contribution point, it was actually rather fortunate.

However, no matter how busy he was with the quest, he couldn't forget to stop by the hospital once every two days. If he neglected his mother because of a game, then wouldn't that be putting the cart before the horse?

'Still, it's a relief mother has gotten so much better.' A smile spread on Hyun-woo's lips.

After starting rehabilitation treatment, his mother's complexion had been improving day by day.

Even though he, himself, had heavy, dark circles under his eyes, Hyun-woo was still as worried as ever. However, because there was the option Gwon Hwa-rang had roughly suggested, his anxiety wasn't as sharp as before. In any case, there was no better cure for Hyun Woo's intense fatigue than the news of his mother's health improvement.

'Should I sleep for a couple of hours before I log in?' If I don't sleep now, I won't be able to sleep for the whole day...'

It had already been two days since the start of the event quest. There was only one day remaining now. Hyun-woo forcefully lifted his eyelids, which were slowly drooping on their own, as he turned the TV on out of habit. He didn't know when such a habit had formed, but he couldn't fall asleep well if his surroundings weren't noisy. As a result, setting a timer on the TV and falling asleep had hardened into a habit.

A game coverage broadcast happened to be starting on TV. It was a program that usually handled general games, but recently, two thirds of the reports were about New World, which was being broadcasted as a social topic. Moreover, since the start of the event quest, it had turned into a New World feature program altogether.

A pretty reporter was giving a lengthy report regarding New World on the TV screen.

"I shall now take you to find out about this event quest. Mr. Ha Myung-woo, have you been well?"

"Yes, it's nice to see you."

When a familiar face appeared on TV, Hyun-woo turned up the volume slightly.

"As I said mentioned before, the viewers are curious about many matters regarding this event quest. First, it's said that there was no announcement before this quest started, and, because of it, I've heard there's been a flood of complaints from players who could not participate. What do you think about this issue, Sir?"

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