Ark: Volume 2 Chapter 5

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The White Whale's Labyrinth

Outside Harun Village was a hunting ground where beginner players spent the night locked in desperate struggles with wolves.

It was here where a new player appeared.

A robust 40-year old man with a scraggly beard, his character name was JusticeMan. The player's real name was Gwon Hwarang, a man who had formerly held the extremely rare profession of a hot-blooded detective.

The first reaction JusticeMan showed was no different from anyone else's. He was surprised by the surrounding landscape looking so much like reality, and astounded by his body moving so naturally.

As the beginner appeared, Hansen, who'd been strolling around with nothing to do, quickly started a conversation. Then, when he suggested the mouse hunting quest, JusticeMan scratched his beard as he asked, "But is it a really difficult task?"

"No, don't worry. It's something anyone can do. I'm trying to introduce suitable tasks to strangers like you who are here for the first time and haven't adapted yet."

"If that's so, then it's okay. When a truly pressing matter arises, please call me then."

JusticeMan nodded a goodbye and exited the village. As always, he was limping on one leg.

As a game that moves the character by scanning the brain, in New World there were no problems with physical disabilities. For someone who couldn't move their legs at all and even the blind, could walk and see like normal inside the game. Because of this, even in hospitals, virtual reality games were prescribed as one of the therapies to treat a disabled person's depression.

However, there were many cases where a person's physical disability had hardened into a habit. This was also the case for JusticeMan. If anything, 2 years of limping on one leg had caused him to forget the sensation of walking normally. Nevertheless, his limping leg was not a big obstacle when it came to playing the game.

JusticeMan left the village, his eyes widened in surprise. Across the wide plain, players were locked in desperate struggles with wolves. Also, they were fighting with swords and clubs, not guns.

It was a scene unimaginable in real life.

Then, he heard a woman's scream to the side.

"Kyaa, he-help me!"

As he turned his head the sight of a female player being viciously attacked by a Wild Dog came to his view.


While taking his coat off and throwing it aside, JusticeMan blocked the Wild Dog's path.

As a new enemy appeared, the Wild Dog assessed him with a wary eye. But it noticed it was a beginner user who wasn't wielding any weapons; the Wild Dog let out a mocking laugh. A murderous look lit up in its eyes and a threatening growl came out from its fang-filled mouth.

Those who were new to virtual reality gaming should have been frightened. However, instead of being afraid, a refreshing smile actually spread on JusticeMan's lips.

'A sensation like this, it's been a while. It reminds me of the time I went on a tour out of duty in South America.'

Bark! Bark! Bark!

The Wild Dog suddenly charged. JusticeMan's pupils moved quickly as he read the Wild Dog's movements.

'An opening!'

JusticeMan's body moved.

With movements like flowing water, neither could be called fast nor slow, he seized the Wild Dog by its scruff. Then while rotating his body he tossed the Wild Dog over his head.

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