annoying girls and mates scent

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It's been 10 months 1year since Naruto and Menma had been missing causing the two Uchiha twins to be restless.

Sasuke was called by Kyuubi who was basically flipping the flip out while Sasukie found his love for Menma slowly returning as day by day thought's of his supposed ex kept swirling around in his mind, as he worried.

"let's go Sasukie" Sasuke says as he helped his twin up from the ground "alright Sasuke" Sasukie replies.

The two made there way around "SASUKIE...SASUKE" someone or people yelled out as they both turned around to see Sakura and Ino running behind them with book bags "what do you want" Sasuke asks as he growled "we wanna tag along on your adventure" Sakura says as the twins looked at each other than at Sakura "no" they both said than kept walking "but we can probably help you two out" Ino says as she smiled.

"Come on please can we help we'll stay out of the way we promise" Sakura begs as she smiled "fine if it'll shut you up" Sasuke growled as he walked Sasukie followed.

The girls quietly squealed though the Uchiha's could still hear them.

Sasuke's POV

I'm starting to regret bringing them along cause they're not helpful at all they kept getting us lose. We even lost track of where we were going because of them "Sakura Ino were trying to Find Menma and Naruto" I said for the 3rd time as this was the 40th time we've, got lost in the woods and night time was coming around.

"were camping out than" Sasukie says "lets go back home we can stay at my place" Sakura says "oh heck to da no we are not" I said sitting on the ground as I leaned against a tree and Sasukie sighs "I'll be back" he says before giving me his bag than left me with these two.

They were staring at me the whole time "so Sasuke why are you looking for those two" Sakura asks "cause it was a request to" I said looking away until there was a scream coming from the direction of Sasukie than I also realized Ino wasn't here so I ran in the direction of my twin.

And once I found him on the ground covering his lower half and I looked over to the other side to see Ino who was blushing "alright what's going on here" I yelled. 

"you should ask Ino she was the one who popped out of no-where" Sasukie so I looked at the blond.

"I-I didn't mean to I-I was just taking a walk but f-found Sasukie here" Ino says "who pops out of a bush and says boo" Sasukie says "well who pees on a person for self defense" Ino yelled back "that's not my fault" Sasukie yelled, back as my eye twitch "both of you shut up Ino you shouldn't be walking out in the dark scaring people" I yelled than growled "now were going back to the camp" I yelled as I started walking with the two girls but they were whispering about something but I don't want to even, now what there talking about it could be gross.

After a while of sitting in the camp we were eating fish that I caught from the pound as Sasukie came back "I'm back" Sasukie says "here" I said going in my bag taking out hand sanitizer.

"thanks Sasuke" my twin says as he held his hands out while I poured some in his hands.

<Tim skip>

It was morning as I smelled something it was off and I really didn't like the smell as I opened my eyes to see pink hair and I instantly knew who it was so I backed up and quickly packed my bad and laid it beside sasukie's bag and woke up my twin who looked at me.

"let's dich them" I whispered as Sasukie nods getting up but almost screamed as Ino was sleeping near him but I managed to keep him quiet as he packed up than we left the two.

But after a while not having them around they find up "why you guys leave us" Ino says as me and Sasukie were gathering barriers and other things to eat.

I'm really disappointed that they found us "oh you guys just went to gather food" Sakura says as she smiles.

Me and Sasukie sighed and started a camp fire so we can eat our breakfast for today.

Than once done eating I smelled something else so I started looking around "what's wrong Sasuke" Sakura asks I guess she doesn't smell that oh wait I'm a wolf never mind.

I soon realized it was naruto's scent so I quickly got up "sasu..." my brother paused but he was so happy as he growled quietly and looked in the same direction as me.

We looked at each other than nodded as we grabbed out bags put them on and went into a sprint.

I think Sakura and Ino were following us but we didn't care as we followed a specific smell.

I could smell Naruto from such a far distance he was in danger and I'm planning on saving him even if it caused my life I want him back in my arms.

Third person POV

Sasukie and Sasuke were leaving the two girls behind but they just kept running to there mates and since they were part wolves they ran faster than a normal human should  which didn't really surprised them one bit.

The stronger the scent to faster they ran to follow were it was going.

With Sakura and Ino they got tired and rested "were are they going" Ino asked "I don't know Ino but were ever there going it seems very important to them" Sakura replies as Ino nods in agreement.

"Alright Sasukie you excited to finally find them after so long" Sasuke says as his twin nods "don't worry Menma Naruto we'll save you" Sasukie says.

Sasukie and Sasuke started running on all 4 making it to there destination much quicker as there mates scent was mostly stronger "I remember this place" Sasuke says as he growled as Sasukie nods "lets go Sasukie"


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