You almost died!

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Third Person POV
Lily and Peter were in their Transfiguration class, both were worried.
Remus, Sirius and now James were missing.
But when Headmaster Dumbledore asked Lily and Peter to come with him, they knew something was seriously wrong.
They arrived at the hospital wing, and Lily choked out a sob.
Laying in front of them was a pale and seemingly lifeless Remus, with James and Sirius sobbing into each other.
"W-what happened?" Sobbed Lily
"H-he tried to k-kill himself" Sniffed Sirius.
"But why?" Whimpered Peter
"Wait for him to wake up then ask him" Sighed James, dabbing his eyes,

~ Time skip one week ~

Sirius Orion Blacks' POV
I refused to move from his side, Remus had been in a coma for a week now and we were loosing hope.
Remus was currently residing in St Mungo's
Finally Remus squeezed my hand and i smiled
"Are you ok?" I Smiled, hugging Remus tightly,
"Yes" he grimaced
"Why did you save me?" He whimpered
"Because, i love you, you dork" i smile, leaning in so our lips connected, our kiss was short and sweet, but wonderful.
He pulled away blushing, "You l-love me?" He stuttered
"Of course i do" i smile, wrapping both arms around his waist
Then the hospital doors opened and James, Peter and Lily ran in, engulfing Remus into a tight embrace.
"Don't ever do that again" Choked out Lily
"What were you thinking?!" Cried out James in anger
"I d-don't k-know" cried Remus, and i growled at James.
"Listen mate, talk to us we can help, I'm sorry for yelling" Sighed James.
"Thanks mate, and it's fine i would have yelled too" Remus replied
"We'll let you rest Remus, get better" Lily smiled
"See ya" Remus yawned his sexy yawn and then Lily, James and Peter were gone.
"So why'd you do it?" I ask trying to sound nice about it.

Remus John Lupins' POV
"So why'd you do it?" Sirius asked me nicely.
"I didn't see another way out, I've been stressed and i guess it became too much" I lied, he couldn't know the real reason.
"Oh" Said Sirius
"If you need help just tell us ok mate?" He said
"Of course" I smiled, then yawned again.
"Also Moony, will you be my boyfriend?" He asked smiling
"Of course" I nearly squealed in joy, but refrained myself from doing so.
Sirius lay down next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and i koala hugged him.

Sirius Orion Blacks' POV
I lay down beside my moony and wrap my arms around his waist and he snuggled into me.
Then i lean in and connect our lips, mid-kiss Remus yawns and i smile kissing him on his forehead.
He yawns adorably again.
"Get some sleep hun" I yawned
"Will you stay with me?" He asked innocently
"Always" I smile, and then we both fell asleep, dreaming of each other.
I really dislike that ending but it's 2AM and I can't be bothered to write something else.
And also, i wrote the chapter once, then Wattpad crashed, then i re wrote it and it crashed again and i lost all my work, so if this is bad I'm sorry because I'm just sick of it crashing :(

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