It wasn't..

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Remus John Lupins' POV
Today was the day i had to leave the Potters' house.
Frowning i grabbed my mothers hand and we turned on the spot and vanished.
Once we were home, my mother turned to me, laughing cruelly.
"Go to your room" She snarled, shoving me in the direction of my room.
Not even bothering to his the tears that leaked down my cheeks, i ran to my room - slamming the door behind me.
For the rest of the winter break - i spent in my room, my mother had locked me in, and fed me through a hole in the bottom of the door.
It really sucked, it made me wish that i had kind, loving parents like James did.
At least i had a few days of break left before going back to Hogwarts.
And then i would get to see Sirius and the Marauders again.
Until then, i would have to wait.

Sorry that it's short, I've got real bad writers block atm.

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