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All summer long, no one heard anything from their dear friend Remus.
To say they were worried was an underestimate.
Sirius was beyond worried when his owl Gray, returned with his letter.
And Sirius had enough, with the help of James, they both ended up near the Lupin household.
Walking rapidly down the street, they finally came to number 9, a seemingly normal house.
Shrugging, James knocked on the door and they waited... no answer.
They knocked again, and still no answer, then they heard a muffled scream from inside the house.
Both their eyes widened, and with a bang, the door burst open and the two teens cried out in shock.
Hope Lupin, a normally kind and loving woman, had her wand on her son, the cruciates curse being performed on the young werewolf.
With a smack, Hope Lupin fell unconscious on the ground, a seething Sirius Black stood above her with bloody fists.
And together, both Potter and Black.

Both rescued their friend.
Sirius whispering words of comfort to the weeping male, while they flew to Potter Manor.

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