Late night, by the fire.

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Sirius Orion Blacks' POV
I woke up and yawned, looking at the muggle alarm clock, that lay beside my bed i frowned at the time 3am.
I groaned and rolled over in bed, hoping to get back to sleep, when i saw a pair of glowing amber eyes staring at me.
I almost screamed until i recognized those eyes, Remus' eyes.
"Remus?" I whisper.
"Yes Sirius?" He whispers huskily.
"Why are you in my room, and were you watching me sleep?" I yawned.
"I'm in your room because i want to talk to you downstairs, and yes i was watching you sleep, your adorable while you sleep Siri" He smirked.
"Stalker" i yawned, smirking back at him.
"Whatever, come on" He smiled yanking me out of bed and literally dragging me downstairs, and into the living room.
The whole room was basked in the warm orange light, emitted from the fire, which was roaring in the grate.
A Christmas tree hung horribly in the corner, ornaments scattered all over, but decorated with love.
"So what did you bring me here for?" I yawn, stretching out on the couch.
He just smiled, shoving my feet off the couch before sitting down himself, placing my feet over his lap again.
"I thought I'd get you into the Christmas spirit" He smiled, conjuring two warm mugs of hot chocolate.
I took a mug gratefully, taking a sip of the sweet liquid, before setting my mug down.

Remus John Lupins' POV
I conjure two mugs of hot chocolate and we sip on the warm, sweet drinks silently, and then coincidently put our mugs down at the same time.
I leaned over toward Sirius, wrapping my arms around him and he stiffened.
"What is it?" I ask worry lacing my mind.
He stared at the ground, still stiff as a board, i could tell he was trying to blink back tears, but they fell rapidly in waterfalls.
"What's wrong?" I ask, rubbing circles on his knuckles.
"I-I've never been h-hugged before" He sniffed, wiping his eyes.
"Really?" I ask in surprise.
"Y-Yes i am" He stuttered, his eyes looked faraway and pained.
Then i hugged him with all my strength and love, and he slowly melted into the hug, smiling slightly.

Sirius Orion Blacks' POV
He hugged me, i could feel the love radiating from his warm body, I embraced him, with a small smile gracing my face.
Then i pull back from the hug, and quickly cast a non verbal silencing charm on the room, before giving him a passionate kiss on the lips, which then turned into a snog session.
He pushed me up against the couch, hovering over me and i growled lightly, nipping his ear.
He let out a small groan of pleasure, then flipped us over so i was bottom.
He trailed kisses down my neck and i moaned aloud, glad for the silencing charm placed around the room.

Remus John Lupins' POV
I laid a trail,of kisses down Sirius' neck as he moaned aloud, i smirked slightly and stood up, hauling Sirius up to his feet.
"You're a tease moony" Whined Sirius and i grinned as he yawned mid-sentence
"I know" I wink
"Goodnight Padfoot" I yawn, kissing him on the cheek, waving my wand as the empty mugs of hot chocolate vanished away.
"Goodnight Moony" He yawned, kissing me back.
After a few seconds we pulled away and then, we both wondered back to our separate rooms, smiling.
This is something i came up with at 2am and then i wrote it down here.
I thought it was cute :)

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