Behind his smile is a frown.

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Sirius Orion Blacks' POV
I woke up a half and hour before i usually would and then i noticed why.
I was in bed with Remus, my arms were around his waist, and his body was cuddled into my side.
I blushed beet red, slowly wriggling out of his grasp and sigh in sadness at him, his skin was a chalky white, his hands were clammy and he had dark purple bags under his eyes, the full moon was in a few days.
I quickly took a shower and pulled on my uniform, I decided against waking up Remus and just decided to give him his notes later, letting him rest.
I walked into the great ball for breakfast and saw Peter and James sitting with Lily and her friends, i slid into the vacant seat across from Lily.
"Hey where were you Padfoot?" James asked confused.
"You weren't in your bed" piped up Peter.
"I'm fine, i was up at the astronomy tower thinking" I smiled.
"Oh ok" Said James
We then began to plan pranks, laughing and giggling like girls, unaware of the situation back at the dorms.

Remus John Lupins' POV
I woke up yawning, then wincing at the pain in my back.
Then i frowned, didn't Sirius stay with me last night, i thought he cared.
I sighed, letting the tears finally fall, i could never cry in front of my mates, I didn't want them worrying about a useless freak like me.
I was gay and was a werewolf, what wasn't wrong with me?
I walked into the bathroom pulling out my razor, and sliding the cool blade against my wrist, and cried harder.
I deserve it, i thought with a bitter smile.
1, 2, 3 after that i lost count of the cuts i'd had made, and feeling dizzy i passed out.

Sirius Orion Blacks' POV
The first lesson of the day was about to begin and with a jolt I realized i forgot my history of magic textbook.
"Go on guys, i forgot something up at the dorms" I smile, jogging up to the portrait hole.
"Balderdash" i rush out, climbing through the portrait hole and ran up to our dorm, opening the door.
I excepted to see Remus asleep, but instead his bed was empty and his pillow had tear stains on them.
I frowned, and looked around, deciding that he went to the hospital wing and i finally found my book.
Turning to leave i frowned at the half opened bathroom door, creaking it open slowly, i dropped my book on the floor and screamed before blacking out.

James Charlus Potters' POV
Something was wrong, i could feel it.
I excused myself from the lesson and ran up to the portrait hole and shouting "Balderdash" at the fat lady before jumping the steps 2 at a time, before throwing open the dormitory door.
The first thing i saw was Sirius' history of magic book, then i saw him.
Sirius was laying on the floor in front of the bathroom door, skin pale and mouth wide open in a scream.
I opened the bathroom door, and let out a sob.
Laying in a pool of blood was Remus, his wrists were slit.
I quickly searched for a pulse and finally finding one, i picked up remus by his arms and hauled Sirius over my shoulder, grunting with the effort and tears streaming down my cheeks i ran to the hospital wing, ignoring the horrified gasps and screams.
Finally arriving, Madam Pomfrey grabbed Remus from me and began to work on him.
Sobbing into my sleeve i was wondering "Why, why would he do this?!"

Poor Remus, i promise things get better :(

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