Realizing their love for one another.

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Third Person POV
The marauders were lounging in the Gryffindor common room, James with his head sitting in Lily's lap (They just started dating).
Peter and Sirius were playing an intense game of exploding snap.
And Remus was sitting behind Sirius, watching the game, the book he was reading earlier lay discarded on the empty seat beside him.

Sirius Orion Black's POV
Me and Peter were playing an intense game of exploding snap on the carpet, Remus occasionally whispering tips to me in my ear, i blushed lightly praying he didn't notice.
You see i was gay, and gay for my best friend Remus Lupin.
Peters deck of cards suddenly exploded in his face, singing the tips of his hair as he let out a girlish squeak of fright.
We all laughed at his reaction.
Then we decided to go up to bed because it was late, so we bade goodnight to Lily, James giving her a kiss on the cheek.
We all got changed and hopped into bed, drawing the curtains around our beds and fell asleep at once.

~ Time skip ~

Remus John Lupins' POV
I was having a good sleep before i was transported into a dark room, the lights flickered on and i saw the lifeless bodies of all my friends, and i gasped, tears springing to my eyes when i saw the long slash marks down their bodies.
I sobbed and shook James' body, "Please wake up!" i sob.
James' body jolted upwards his dim hazel eyes glaring into mine "You did this, you monster" he growled, before he fell lifeless again.
I woke up screaming and crying, i heard the curtains in the bed being drawn beside me and i was engulfed in a warm embrace, me crying into their shoulder.

Sirius Orion Black's POV
I was sitting on the balcony outside the dormitory, smoking a cigarette while thinking.
Then a pained scream followed by sobbing reached my ears and i opened the window hurriedly, and ripped open my curtains running toward Remus' bed.
I wrapped my arms around his waist pulling him closer to me protectively.
"Y-you were d-dead, I-Im a monster!" Sobbed Remus.
"You're no monster" i coo, running my hands through his fluffy brown hair, instantly soothing him until he fell back asleep.

Remus John Lupins' POV
I felt my face grow warm when he began to run his fingers through my hair, why was i blushing?
Then i realized that i liked him, no scratch that, i was gay, and i loved my best friend..
With that thought i finally fell asleep, confused but happy that i was finally safe.

Third Person POV
Once Remus fell asleep he missed Sirius lay in bed beside him.
"I don't see how you're a monster Remus, you're beautiful.." he whispered
Remus and Sirius are so cute together aw :3

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