This is bloody awkward...

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Sirius Orion Blacks' POV
We had arrived at the Potters' house a few days ago and now i sat alone on my bed trying to read a book that my boyfriend Remus bought me.
I threw the book on my bed and stood up stretching, then i had an idea and literally bounced toward my boyfriends room.
I opened the door and i heard a shriek of fear and i blushed at the sight, Remus stood facing the door.
It looks like he had just showered as his fluffy brown hair was wet, he had hurriedly thrown a towel over his damp body.
"Like what you see?" Smirked Remus
"Y-ye-no" I stutter
He rolled his eyes
"Why'd you scream?" I questioned
"I thought you were James, he's done that twice this week" Shuddered Remus
"Oh" i laughed

Remus John Lupins POV
I walk toward Sirius slowly and, he had to look up at me and, i had to bite back a chuckle.
I pressed my lips against his, savouring the minty taste.
He kissed back and wrapped both arms around my waist pulling me closer.
Then i heard a shriek come from the door, we both whip around to see Lily standing gobsmacked.
"Y-you and you" She whispered pointing at me and Sirius in turn.
"Surprise" I hear Sirius say sheepishly.
"Ooh this is definitely a surprise" Gawked Lily, then she grinned
"Who's top?" She smirks

Sirius Orion Blacks' POV
"Who's top?" Lily smirks
"Remus is" I pout
"Ha, James owes me 5 galleons" She grinned turning to leave.
"Please don't tell the others!" I beg
"Fine" she pouted, then left the room.
"That was bloody awkward . . ." I say bluntly
Remus just merely chuckled then went to put on some clothes, leaving me a blushing mess.
Damn you sexy body, i cursed him in my head
Then i left the room and went back to my room to read.
Great timing Lily lol 😂

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