Talking It Out

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Warning: Very depressing, talks about bullying, please read at your own risk!

Keith's POV:

    After a while, I felt her stir. I knew I would have to leave soon, but I wanted to talk to her a bit. This time, though, it would be without the yelling.

    "Hey, (Y/N)?" I whispered quietly.

    "Hm?" was the only response I got.

    "We need to talk...Just a little bit at least..." I replied softly, hoping to ease her into the topic.

    She sighed and nodded, and I could feel her start to sit up. "I figured we would...What do you want to start with?"

    "Just tell me everything you're comfortable with sharing. I want to help you," I replied softly, rubbing her thigh as she moved.

    "So...what do you already know...?" she asked quietly.

    "Just about the marks..." I trailed off.

    " school, I'm an outcast; a complete loser. Nobody likes me. I only have two close friends...The rest of the school completely hate my guts. So, in response, they cyber bully me. Send me messages about how much they hate me, how much better the school would be if I died, and just how terrible I am. They comment on stories I post, text me, email me, call me, leave notes in my locker, write about me on the bathroom stalls, pass notes to me in class, anything and everything to remind me of how much I don't fit in, and that I'm not welcome," she said quietly, breaking down near the end and having to stop to hide under the blankets some more.

    "Shhh, it's alright, everything's okay..." I whispered in her ear as I rubbed her back. The sniffles didn't last long until she started speaking again.

    "T-then Lance was c-coming...He was g-gonna take me away from t-that Hell...A-and then I overheard y-you talking to Shiro..." she explained through the sniffles. I felt my stomach drop at the mention.

    "I-I am so, so sorry about that...Nothing I said that night was true...I-I just...I-" she cut me off.

    "N-no, it's okay...I'm used t-to people not liking me...D-don't even worry about i-it..." she said, wiping her eyes as her sniffles calmed down.

    "No, it's not. (Y/N), I only said that because...b-because...because I-" she cut me off again.

    "Because you what?!" she almost yelled, suddenly sounding angry. In defense, my blood started to boil as well.

    "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" I shouted at her. Her eyes suddenly went wide as she took in what I said.


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