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*Texting with Lance*

Lance: Hey sis! You know how you always said that you wanted to be a Paladin with me? Well, today's your lucky day! We'll be there in an hour, so get moving!

You: REALLY?! Do Mom and Dad know?

Lance: Yes, and they said that you should do it if it's what you want to do. You do want to be a Paladin, don't you?

You: Of course I do! Where have you been this last year, Lance?

Lance: In outer space, sis 😏

You: *facepalm* Wait, how do I even get to become one? There's only five lions, and with me, there'd be six people....

Lance: They need a sixth one, so they made one. Anyways, we'll be there in thirty minutes. BE READY!

*Normal story again, your POV*

    You got out of bed and took a quick shower. When you got out, you brushed your teeth while looking for a cute outfit. You decided on black leggings and a beautiful white and black striped tank top with a collar around the neck. After spitting out the toothpaste, you changed and brushed your hair. You wanted time to say good bye to your parents before everyone got there.

    As you brushed your hair, you thought about your brother. You couldn't wait to see him again! It had been about three years since he left to join Voltron, and you had missed him so much. You never knew if he was safe or hurt, but now you would be able to keep an eye on him.

    You started packing as much of your clothes as you could into a big black suitcase, making sure to get your favorite ones first. Once it was full, you ran down the stairs, only to find your parents already waiting for you.

    "Hey guys... I guess you already know?" you asked, a little nervous as you tried to wrap your head around the fact that you were about to leave them, and you didn't know when you would see them again. Sure, you could call and text them, but from your experience with Lance, you knew it wasn't the same as seeing them in person.

    "Yes, sweetie. Lance told us yesterday," your dad replied. You looked at both of them for what you thought would be one of your last times. 

    "I'm going to miss you guys so much," you told them before running into their arms and getting a hue bear hug from them.

    You were glad that Lance was going to be there with you, because you were a little nervous about how everything was going to work there. You also had heard many stories about Lance's time there, and they weren't all good. Lance told you about this guy there named Keith. He worried you a lot. He didn't like your brother at all. That wasn't even putting it strongly enough. He hated your brother. You were worried that Keith would hate you as well, simply because you're Lance's sister. You had heard about Keith's rough upbringing, but you didn't see that as explanation enough to just be cold towards everyone.

    You didn't want to let go of your parents. You still couldn't accept that it would be months or years even before you would get to see them again. But finally, you heard the ring of your doorbell that split you guys apart...

Well, we're getting there. Thank you to everyone who is reading this story! Hopefully, we can raise our numbers! Let me know if you have any suggestions for the story!

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