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Third Person POV:

    That night at dinner, Shiro cleared his throat. "Guys, we have found someone to occupy the new Teal Lion," he explained to the other Paladins.

    "Who is it?" Keith asked curiously. As far as he knew, no one on the team had any siblings besides him.

    "Lance's sister," Shiro replied calmly. Keith's face turned almost as red as his lion out of anger. 

    "WHAT?!" Keith asked angrily. 

    "Keith calm down--" Allura tried before Keith cut her off.

    "No, Lance already ruins my life by being here everyday, no way am I putting up with his sister too!" he yelled at Shiro and Allura. 

    "HEY!" Lance yelled back in offense, similar to what had happened earlier, except this time, Keith didn't apologize.

    "Tell me I'm wrong, Lance!" Keith yelled. 

    "You are wrong! My sister is the sweetest thing ever, and here you are judging her already!" Lance retorted.

    "Keith, she is going to help us. If she gives you too many problems, tell me, and I'll fix it," Shiro intervened calmly. Keith sighed.

    "Fine. But if she annoys me one time, one time Lance, then I won't be afraid to beat the crap out of her right then and there, just like with you. You got it?" Keith threatened, glaring at Lance with a newfound hatred. 

    "Now that's enough--" Shiro tried to end it but Lance opened his big mouth first.

    "Don't you dare lay one molecule on my sister! You stay away from her, and there will be no problems. Do you understand?" Lance asked, making sure it was understood that his sister was off limits to any of them there.

    "With pleasure," Keith replied with venom in his voice as he got up from the table and left to go to his room. On his way out, he heard a little bit of the other's conversation.

    "Well, what's her name?" He heard Pidge ask nervously, trying to break the awkward silence that had fallen over them. 

    "Her name is (Y/N)," Lance replied, much calmer than he had been with Keith.

    '(Y/N)... Hmm, that's a pretty name...' Keith thought as he shut the door to his room. He shook his head to get him to stop thinking like that as he laid down on his bed to try and calm down after his mini fight with Lance.

I hope you guys like this! Sorry about the short chapters, but we will be getting somewhere good soon!

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