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    "Y-you...what...?" you asked shakily, trying to comprehend what you had just heard.

    "I love you, (Y/N)," Keith said again, making your stomach tie up in knots.

    No one, besides your family, has ever loved you. In all honesty, the thought of loved scared you. Not even that, it terrified you. How could you love anyone when all you were shown was hate? How could someone love you when all you were told was that you didn't belong anywhere?

    "N-no, Keith, you don't love me..." you trailed off, shaking your head as you tried to forget about what he had said.

    "Yes, I do! How could someone not love you? You're perfect!" he bargained, his voice filling with heated passion.

    "You barely know me..." you sighed, wanting to throw up the longer this conversation continued.

    "(Y/N), I love you! Why don't you believe me?" Keith asked, starting to sound hurt.

    "Love is scary! You give part of yourself over to a person who promises to give you part of them in return, but when you do that, they get power over that part of you! They can manipulate you and get what they want and when they do they leave and you get hurt! But on the other side, they can make you the happiest you've ever been! That's scary, and I'm not flipping that coin right now!" you yelled at him defensively.

    "Please, give me a chance! I'm not like those kids at your school!" Keith yelled.

    "I can't! I'm not stupid enough to give someone the power to hurt me when I've already been hurt enough!" you groaned, not understanding why he didn't understand.

    "Please!" he begged, pulling himself closer to you as he ran out of words to persuade you.

    "Keith, I can't! I can't feel love! Not right now! And if you can't understand that, then just get out" you finally yelled, pointing at the door and praying he would get the hint.

    You heard him sigh sadly as he finally got up and left. You watched him leave, part of you sighing in relief at his absence while the other part was desperate for him to come back.

    You lied down in the bed again, burying yourself into a cocoon of your blankets. You felt tears come to your eyes as you remembered the past few hours with the red paladin. You had finally felt comforted, safe, maybe even happy. But then he added feelings to the mix, when you couldn't even handle the ones you already had.

    You felt drowned in confusion as you tried to read the many emotions that swam around your brain. You couldn't even tell if you had feelings for the poor guy, all you knew is that that was one more thing you didn't need to worry about. You knew he had gotten a little hurt now, but at least you weren't going to be stuck in a relationship where you felt trapped and confused all the time.

    When you were going to have a relationship, it was going to be because you knew you wanted it.

This is not the end of the book! I hope it didn't sound that way, but just in case it did, this is not the end! Sorry if any of you are upset because that didn't go very romatical, BUT I think we need a bit more drama *evil smirk*

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For encouraging me to continue writing this story and just writing in general!

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