Over Hearing

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(Y/F/M) - Your favorite movie

Your POV:

Warning! Talks of depression, read at your own risk!

You walked downstairs after changing into your pajamas, a (F/C) t-shirt and matching short shorts. You walked downstairs to see Lance, Pidge, Allura, Hunk, and Coran sitting on the couch, watching one of your's and Lance's favorite movie, (Y/F/M). You chuckles at the sight, walking over and sitting on Lance's lap.

You played with the short hair on the nape of Lance's hair as you watched a few minutes of the movie. When the movie got to a boring part, you leaned down to Lance's ear.

"What time are we leaving tomorrow?" You whispered.

"I don't know, Shiro should though..." He whispered back, never taking his eyes off of the screen.

"Where's that?" You whispered back.

"Uhh... Check upstairs," he whispered, waving you away so he could watch the movie. You groaned, getting up to look upstairs.

When you got up there, you heard Keith and Shiro talking in your game room, the room where you kept the pool table. You walked up to the door when you heard your name.

"What about (Y/N)?" You heard Shiro ask Keith. So, they were talking about you, huh?

"She's so distracting... I can't stand her and I've only been around her for a day!" You heard Keith complain.

    'Well, I haven't talked to him since he got here... Maybe he's a pretty sore loser...' You thought, walking a little closer towards the door. Thankfully, they haven't noticed you were there yet.

    "I don't think you mean that, Keith," Shiro said, trying to calm Keith down. But Keith was having none of it.

    "No, you don't understand! I can't stand her!" He sounded so disgusted, and you couldn't understand why.

    You opened the door quietly, only to find that Keith was facing his back to you, but Shiro saw you. His eyes and mouth were wide open, causing Keith to stop and look behind him. He looked like he had seen a ghost; he was as pale as he could get, and you could practically see his heart beating out of his chest.

    "Well, Shiro, I was going to ask what time we were leaving tomorrow, but I can tell when I'm not wanted. Don't worry about taking me tomorrow," you told them, turning around to walk out.

    "(Y/N)--" Keith said before you cut him off.

    "Don't worry about it, Keith. You're not the first person to hate me..." You trailed off, walking out of there and to your room. You looked at your black suitcase, filled with the clothes that you were prepared to take with you tomorrow.

    You sighed, deciding that tomorrow you would unpack everything. You fell back into the bed, pulling the covers up to the bed as you finally let the tears that had been welling up fall.

    You had been keeping an eye on the paladin, and you had thought he was interesting. Not to mention he was pretty cute. That's one reason your break up early hadn't affected you as much. You were hoping for something with the paladin, but from what you heard earlier, it would never happen.

    Why could no one love you as you did to them?

    You heard a few knocks on your door.       "(Y/N), please, let me in. I need to talk to you," you heard him ask through the door.

    "Go away, Keith!" You yelled at the door.

    "Please?" He begged.

    You didn't answer. You just rolled over and closed your eyes, feeling the last of the tears leak from your eyes as you tried to go away. You heard him sigh and walk away, but you didn't care. You just wanted escape, and the only way for you now was sleep.

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