Countdown: ONE MORE DAY

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That is right, it is now officially one more day until Voltron season TWO comes out!!!! I'm so excited, I just can't wait!!!! I have everything ready for the premier~!

Also, special thanks to every one has supported me throughout this book, and everyone who keeps giving me the encouragement to keep writing. For those of you who asked for it to be updated, please know that I am working on it. But with school, everything has been SUPER crazy, so I will get to it soon~! Thank you very much too


You guys are truly giving me the inspiration to sit down and write this book. I am so sorry for the slow updates, but school is constantly getting harder, and this next semester will be the hardest. Please forgive me if this book does not get much attention until the weekends or Spring Break, but know that I am trying my hardest to get it done!

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