Lance's Sister

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Third Person POV:

    Lance walked up to the other Paladins in the kitchen for lunch one afternoon. When he walked in, he was suddenly sucked into a chat between Shiro and Allura.

    "We need someone for the newest lion. It's the only way to achieve maximum power to defeat the Galra. Keith doesn't have any siblings who are old enough to help, Pidge doesn't have any, Hunk doesn't have any either, and Lance.... Well, we haven't asked him yet," Shiro was telling Allura about what he and Coran had discovered throughout the day.

    Allura laughed. "Well, we definitely don't need a second Lance around here, especially with how well Keith and Lance get along. Keith would not thank us for that," Allura giggled, both of them unaware of Lance's presence in the doorway.

    "Hey!" Lance yelled in offense after he heard Allura's comment. The two of them turned their attention to him. 

    "Oh... Sorry Lance, I didn't see you there," Allura apologized sheepishly. 

    Shiro didn't comment on the situation; he just asked "Do you have any siblings who could come and be a part of Voltron?"

    "I have a sister who is a year younger than me, around Keith's age," Lance replied, used to the others making mean comments to and about him.

    "Is she in good enough condition to bring here?" Allura asked. 

    "As far as I know," Lance replied. 

    "Can we bring her here?" Shiro asked. Lance beamed with excitement.

    "Yes! Bring her here! I've missed her so much, this would be awesome!" Lance practically squealed. 

    "But, she will be going into battle. Are you willing to send her out there to fight?" Allura asked him. Lance thought about it; he realized what they meant. That bringing her here could mean losing her as much as it meant gaining her.

    "If she wants to, then she can. But we will train her like the rest of us," Lance said, leaving the decision of her life up to his sister and not him.

    "Alright, then it's settled. We will tell the others at dinner," Shiro said. 

    "Okay," Lance said, and he left the kitchen to call his parents and tell them the news.


Well, I got the sudden urge to make a story like this, so I did! Hopefully, all of those people who enjoyed my Voltron x Reader stories will enjoy this one as well! Hopefully you will love this one as much as you guys loved the one shots!

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