Chapter 17

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IM BAAAACK! :D this chappy will only b in Cooper's POV and it wont really talk bout Jesse and Luke, but the next one will... I PROMISE!!!! ^_^ Any Tegan lovers yet???


Cooper's POV:

I'm not trying to sound like a teenage girl with her first date, but...


Frustration consumed me as I thew the whole contense of my closet onto my bed. One by one clothes went flying. One by one my shirts, pants, jackets, and shoes were all discounted as unworthy for my date with Hunter.

Too gothy, too old, too new, too preppy, too conservative, too slutty. I was about to scream.

"Having problems?" A high pitched screech asked from my doorway.

I turned to find the source and, low and behold, Medusa had walked into my room. Well, it wasnt Medusa. It was worse.

It was Jessica. Cue creepy music.

I decided that she was like a fly. If I ignore her, she will go away. Sadly, no.

"Real mature, Ducati. Ignoring me wont make me disappear." Damn. There goes that plan. Wait.... What did she call me?


"That's your name isn't it?"

"No. My name is Cooper."

"Same thing. I knew it was a car."

A ducati is a motorcycle. I'll just keep that piece of information to myself. Now how to get her to leave....

I grabbed a handheld mirror off my dresser and threw it down the hallway. She looked startled and a little annoyed and I stopped myself from laughing.

"Go get the mirror, Jessica! Come one, girl. You can do it." I kept cooing to her and telling her she was a good girl until she finally stomped her foot and hissed at me.

"Leave Hunter alone. He's mine. We are meant to be together and you are just ruining it."

Cliche much? I decided to change things up a little. Instead of denying it all, I started nodding. She looked confused so I started encouraging her.

"You are so right, Jessica. Why didn't I see it before? You are so much smarter than me!" No way was she going to believe that.

She looked pleased. "Finally you understand. So you will back off?"

I was wrong.

"Oh yeah totally. You can have him. In fact, he told me earlier today that he was going to take you on a date today."

"No way."


"Oh my gosh! I have to go get an outfit, get my hair done, get a manicure..."

"You better get on it then! He said he will pick you up at 8. You better hurry!"

"Ok. Thanks, Cooper! I think we can become really good friends in the future."

No way in hell.

"Definitely! Oh and before you go..."

She looked ready to bolt for the nearest spa, but stopped at my unfinished sentence. She looked annoyed at the interuption and waved her hand for me to continue. I pointed to my pile of clothes.

"If you were a guy about to go on a very impotant date, what would you wear?"

She huffed and quickly picked out a button down shirt and a pair of dark jeans. She hnaded them to me and jogged out the room. I smiled to myself. Easy peasy.

"Thanks!" I yelled to her retreating form.


I CANT THINK ANYMORE!!!! -.- so i lied.... next chapter is the date then after that is Jesse and Luke... DONT KILL ME! Im on spring break so I will uploadthis week. I promise! :D


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