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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 12

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WOOOO! Chapter 12 because u guys are all awesome and commented and voted!!!! :D Can I say 18 votes and 14 comments? :) i love u all! ENJOY!


Cooper's POV:


Oh shit. He did not just say that. Why does everyone feel the need to growl that word at me. Why can't they growl something normal? Or not growl at me at all....

My body froze as my brain tried to come up with a plan. I looked to my right then to my left. No escape. Lucas was built like a freaking line backer. I put my hands on his chest and started to push. Nothing.

I started to get annoyed when Lucas grabbed my wrist and pinned them to the fridge above my head. He leaned in really close and started sniffing at my neck. He huffed and dragged his nose lower to my collarbone above the neckline of my shirt. He sniffed again and let out a sound of satisfaction.

Enough was enough. This was going too far.

"Uhm Lucas? Can you get off me now? This isn't funny anymore."

He just ignored me and started nuzzling me, licking my skin softly. Usually I would be moaning and shivering in pleasure from him kissing my soft spot, but it wasn't the same as Hunter doing it.

The thought of Hunter sent cold water through my system. A sense of dread came over me as I thought of his reation to seeing this. I started struggling in earnest. Kicking, wiggling, and pushing in every direction to get Lucas off. It was no use.

Not only was Lucas twice my size, but he was also a werewolf and I was merely a human. Panic just started to wash over me when I heard another growl. A very sexy, possessive growl from a different wolf. An alpha wolf.

I sagged in relief and expected Lucas to drop me like a hot potato. No way would he keep the alpha's mate pinned when he was in the room.

I was wrong.

If anything, Lucas' grasp got tighter and the growling started again. This time it wasn't a turned on growl, but a warning growl.

"Lucas. Get your ass away from my mate RIGHT NOW before I rip your fucking arms off for even touching him."

Lucas released me, but he just shoved my behind him as he turned around to face Hunter. His back was tense and he was crouched in a defensive position.

"No way in hell, Hunter. He's my mate."

"Like fucking hell he is!!" Hunter roared as he went tense all over too. I knew that he could tear Lucas apart in seconds if he wanted to. I was kind of scared for Luke.

"His scent calls to me and I wont let you steal my mate. I've waited so long for my mate and I don't care if you my alpha. I'll fight you for him."

The growls and snarls got louder and I took this time to slide from behind Lucas while he was distracted. He turned to grab my arm, but I jerked away and scrambled in the middle between the two. They both took a step towards me, but I darted into the living room where I placed the couch between the three of us.

"Stop, guys! I'm not a pice of meat to fight over. Just calm down and we can work this out."

"There is nothing to work out, Cooper. You are my mate and I'll dstroy anyone who gets in the way of us being together." Hunter's deep, possessive growl sent shivers through my body and I started to get turned on. I shook myself out of it. Focus, Coop, focus.

"He's my mate too and I'm not sharing him! I will challenge you, Alpha. He's mine."

They both took another step and I retreated some more, putting my hands up as if it could stop them. They did stopped and I felt a bit amused. They were very obediant puppies.

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