Chapter 2

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Hunter's (Mr. S) POV:

Mine, my wolf growled as I saw my mate approach my desk. Claim him now!

I ignored my beast as I watched Cooper relunctantly walk towards me for our little talk. I was still majorly ticked off that the little punk had dare talk to my mate like that. My wolf was dying to track him down and beat the crap out of him and whoever thought to hurt my little Cooper mentally or physically.

"You uh wanted to see me, sir?" Cooper asked hesitantly as my wolf growled in pleasure. He already knew I was the boss and that fit me just perfectly. I was Alpha and I was in charge.

"I want to talk about what happened in class."

Cooper's eyes went cold as he was recalling the event. "If your gonna yell at me for defending myself then you can forget about me apologizing. That jerk deserved it."

I growled silently in appreciation. My mate was strong and didnt take any BS from anyone.

"No that's not the problem. Im furious about his comment and I will not allow him back in my class. As for outside my class, if anyone bullies you then just tell me and ill take care of them."

"No offense, Mr. S..."

"Call me Hunter outside of school. None of that Mr. S nonsense from my ma-student." Damn. Almost slipped.

Cooper ignored me and continued. "I dont see why you care so much. Im not gonna use you as a shield from the assholes at this school, so how bout you just leave it be and let me alone, Mr. S."

Oh hell no, my wolf yelled, I am Alpha and your mate and you will OBEY!!!

Without rational thought I pushed up from my chair and stalked towards Cooper. He looked shocked and a little scared as he slowly backed up, but I wouldnt let him escape. I waited 20 years to find my mate and he will damn well listen to me whether he wants to or not!

I growled softly in the back of my throat and by the widening of his eyes, he saw it. I backed him into a wall where I placed my hands on either side of his head and loomed over him, my face inches from his.

"You listen to me, baby. I am in charge here and If your safety is at risk then I will interfere and I will protect you. No matter what." I spoke low and dangerously in warning to him but he didnt even flinch. He just stood there glaring at me.

"Your like a freaking dog with a bone."



"Wolf, not dog."

The correction left my lips before I could stop it and I regretted it instantly. He got a curious look on his face, but didnt comment as he slyly ducked from under my arms and scurried to the door. He didnt look back as he quickly opened the door before yelling out over his shoulder.

"You cant control my life, your not anything to me!"

I winced slightly. I am everything to you, babe. Just you wait and see.

Cooper's POV:

I quickly escaped the school to start my walk home. I lived about 10 minutes away from the school and my parents were either working or bickering so I didnt even bother asking for rides anymore. I shivered slightly at the cold and wrapped my jacket more securely around myself as I let my mind drift.

Who the hell did he think he was? Telling me what to do? He had no right and why did he even care? It's not like I was anything special. I was just the loser gay kid. No sports, not smart, one friend. Nothing unique. No teacher ever gave a rats ass about the harassment I recieved, even in their own classrooms right in front of them. And then it hit me.

He pitied me.

I groaned in annoyance and a little disappointment. No! Not disappointment, I told myself angrily. Relief. He didnt actually care for me he just felt bad for me.

I nodded to myself. Yeah that made sense. Someone like him would never care bout someone like me.

I finally reached my house and slowly ascended the steps to the door. I opened it quickly to escape the cold and was assaulted by the loud voices of my yelling parents. I sighed. Home, sweet, home.

"Did you see how much our bill was, Catherine??? It was huge! I told you to stop the spending on stupid shit!!!" My dad roared. He was a big man at about 6 foot 4 inches and very muscley. Very intimidating.

"I wouldnt need to cut down if your lazy ass could get a better job!!! All you do is go out with your buddies and drink!!!! You barely make any money to support this family while I work my ass off so dont talk to me about not spending money!!!!" My mom screamed. She was much tinier than my dad, but she didnt let my dad make her back down. Her small size is where I got my tiny figure from. Thanks mom.

After standing in the living room for about 10 minutes just listening to their fighting, I decided I had had enough.I walked towards my room but sighed as I realized Id need to pass my parents to get there. They were so focused on their screaming they hadnt even noticed id got home. Some parents they were.

As soon as they saw me, the argueing stopped. They both looked guilty as my mom forced a smile.

"Hey, hunny! How was school? Do you have a lot of homework? Me and your father were just... discussing things. I bet you have a lot of work to do so why dont you go to your room to do your homework. Your father and I have to go on business trips so we wont be back for a month or so, but youll be fine here. Ok? Ok! Well we love you and we will call when we can! OK?"

I sighed. This woman was crazy. No, its not ok! I want my parents to be real parents. I want a mom to be there for me. To cook me dinner and listen to me talk about my crappy teachers. The tuck me in goodnight and to hug me when my boyfriend dumps me. I want a father who comes home from work to ruffl my hair and call me 'Champ'. To wrestle with me and rough house with me like father and son. To ask about my crush and to play baseball with.

I want parents.

Instead of saying all this I just nodded. I was use to it now so I kind of wished they would just leave already. I was exhausted and I just wanted to go to sleep.

"Ok great! I love you and we will see you soon! Bye, sweetie!"

My mom gave me a hug and kissed my forhead while my dad just shook my hand. Really? Shaking my hand? Im not a business partner, Im your son! They soon left and as I heard their cars pull away I walked to my room. No use getting upset about them leaving. It wont change anything.

I checked my phone and saw that I had a few texts from Jesse pretty much yelling at me wondering how my 'date' went with Hunter. I mean Mr. S! Damn, I need to remember that. I sent a quick message saying it went fine and I had homework to do so Id see him tomorrow. I really didnt feel like talking to anyone right now.

Later that night I layed on my bed, praying for sleep but knowing it wouldnt come anytime soon. I looked at the cieling and thought about Mr. S. He was charming, demanding, and totally cute so its no wonder I was crushing on him. But this was different. I felt a weird connection to him. Like I belonged to him.

I quickly shook it off and groaned, feeling stupid. There was something weird about him but I didnt need anyone else in my life to disappoint me. My parnts were enough.

I yawned and closed my eyes as sleep started to take over. It was really late, or early really, about 4 am and I knew id be exhausted at school tomorrow. I vow not to let Mr. S get to me. With that last thought I drifted off, dreaming of wolves.

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